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Synonyms for valid

Synonyms for valid

based on good judgment, reasoning, or evidence

worthy of belief, as because of precision or faithfulness to an original

Antonyms for valid

well grounded in logic or truth or having legal force

still legally acceptable

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Additionally, Valid USA's In2View solution set integrates disparate data sources that creates actionable data in order to drive brand engagement for their clients.
30% OFF FRENCH BRIE 99p NORMAL PRICE NOW 69p Terms & conditions: Voucher valid from Thursday November 27 - Thursday December 4.
Despite its low-price strategy, TransAsia Airways will further cut the price for tickets valid for 14 days by 18%, to NT$11,500, and tickets valid for one month by 14.
html) by Europa on 8th April 2009, Air Valid is again forewarning travellers of the limitations of the blacklist when travelling abroad or reserving a plane ticket on the internet.
Kyle John Thomas, aged 22, of Highley Drive, Coventry, driving without insurance, failing to produce and insurance certificate, fined pounds 525 Masoud Ally, aged 39, of Pioneer House, Adelaide Street, Hillfields, Coventry, keeping a vehicle on a public road without a valid vehicle licence, fined pounds 175.
As divine diplomats, our valid patriotism for the City of God should have a real and contagious effect on the cities we live in.
Current law also allows illegal immigrants to own, register and insure vehicles, but does not allow them to have valid California driver's licenses, according to state officials.
Offer valid Tuesday & WednesdayRubislaw Aesthetics, 20 Rubislaw Terrace, 01224 644 300.
Many times to get "valid results" you'd need to test a quantity of 10,000 or 20,000 or more (depending on desired response rate), but if the whole list is 4,800 and you decide to test 2,400, the results are almost guaranteed not to be statistically valid.
Born in Senegal, Mohamed was a resident alien in the United States with a Social Security card stamped "Not valid for employment.
Day Trip & 3-Day Return tickets not valid on single journeys or where return journey is on a subsequent day.
1986), presented the Supreme Court's requirements for a valid return, in the following four-part test:
The court, however, noted that even if the warrant did not authorize the seizure of the pager, the defendant failed to establish a valid Fourth Amendment violation.
The bidder stated that he regarded the sale as valid and complete.