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a deformity in which there is an abnormal displacement of part of a limb away from the midline of the body

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Women tended to land with greater hip flexion and knee valgus at initial contact during both tasks.
28) Traction injuries to the ulnar nerve can occur secondary to the dynamic valgus forces of throwing.
ACL ruptures generally occurs as a result of either a hyperextension damage or valgus impact [4, 8-10] as well as an abrupt slowing, sprain of the knee after turning or moving, sprain as a result of improper landing after an act of jumping or some other direct impacts on the knee.
There was no anterior or posterior drawer, she was stable to varus and valgus stresses, and her pivot shift test was negative.
A valgus foot occurs in the mid-lumbar and L5 level in myelomeningocele.
The most common consequence is a painful lump of bone on the inside of the foot called hallux valgus, better known as a bunion.
Women have wider hips and tend to experience valgus collapse--which is landing in a knock-kneed position--when they jump or cut," explains Katherine Coyner, an orthopedic surgeon at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.
Obese women with valgus knees tend to get this injury a lot," he said.
Detective Superintendent Peter Chalinor, who has now retired, said Operation Valgus was the biggest fraud investigation ever undertaken by North Wales Police, who examined more than 850 fraudulent mortgage applications.
Detective Chief Inspector Iestyn Davies from North Wales Police said: "Operation Valgus is reportedly the largest mortgage fraud ever investigated in England and Wales.
Genu valgus (L>R) was noted, and all joints were stiff.
Foot exams to identify hallux valgus, lesser toe deformities and plantar soft tissue atrophy were conducted between 2002 and 2008.
These include neuromuscular disorders; nerve entrapment syndromes; the diabetic foot; hellux valgus, hallix varus, and sesamoid disorders; lesser toe deformities and bunionettes; tendon disorders; heal and subcalcaneal pain; degenerative joint disease; acute ankle sprain, chronic ankle instability, and subtalar laxity; and trauma.
Furthermore, she had previous left hip and knee subluxations, and hallux valgus.
People with a hallux valgus may end up with a bunion - a fluid-filled, sometimes painful swelling over the joint.