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Synonyms for valet

Synonyms for valet

a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer

serve as a personal attendant to

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More so than ever when people are looking to sell their cars, they are coming to H20 for a full valet, knowing that when they leave our valet centres, they will have a car valeted and waxed to perfection in showroom condition, getting them the best possible price when they sell their car.
We have a wide range of customers at H20 from all walks of life, shoppers, housewives and busy mums dropping their cars off to be valeted whilst doing their shopping, business executives rushing between meetings leading busy and hectic lives who don't have the time to clean their cars, to premiership footballers and celebrities," said Mr Thomas.
Since H20 launched in the region in 2003, it has valeted in excess of 50,000 cars.
H20 have valeted more than 50,000 cars since moving into the Midlands three years ago.