valet de chambre

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a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer

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The count then motioned the valet de chambre to retire, and to Ali to follow to his study, where they conversed long and earnestly together.
Andries sirvio tambien a Maximiliano como boticario, y luego a su nieto Carlos V, como valet de chambre.
David Pudd'nhead Wilson Keith Reddin Patsy Cooper Suzanna Hay Percy Barclay Driscoll Kevin Hogan Jim Blake Richard Russell Ramos Roxy Siobhan Juanita Brown Thomas a Beckett Driscoll James Ludwig Valet de Chambre Myk Watford Rowena Cooper Mary Hammett Angelo Tocci Mark Giodarno Luigi Tocci Matte Osian John Buckstone Richard Russell Ramos York Leicester Driscoll Kevin Hogan Pembroke Howard Christopher Wynkoop
One of the many achievements of Pierre Brind'Amour's pioneering scholarly work on the author is to show how the 'phenomene Nostradamus' has its roots in Nostradamus's own time, when his almanachs were eagerly read by everyone from valet de chambre to Archbishop of Canterbury.
Margaret of Angouleme, queen of Navarre, made him her valet de chambre in 1536.
On his father's death, he became valet de chambre to Francis I, a post he held, except for his years of exile, until 1542.
Jehan Perreal dit Jehan de Paris, peintre et valet de chambre des rois Charles VIII, Louis XII et Francois Ier.
Meanwhile, Roxy raises Valet de Chambre as a slave.