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a plant of the genus Valeriana having lobed or dissected leaves and cymose white or pink flowers

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Taking into account that type of extract, dose-regimes, the method of application and the used ethological paradigms varied between all studies it becomes obvious that precise conclusions on pharmacological actions of valerian may hardly be drawn.
Valepotriates, which were also discussed to be determinant for central actions of valerian (Andreatini and Leite, 1994; Andreatini et al.
A]-system in the psychotropic effects of valerian (Balduini and Cattabeni, 1989; Bodesheim and Holzl, 1997; Cavadas et al.
However, despite intensive research efforts, the pharmacological actions accounting for the proved efficacy of valerian in mild sleep disorders remain unclear.
All tested valerian preparations, VAL SE 35E, VAL TE 35E, the patented special extract phytofin Valerian 368 and the commercially available extracts VAL H 70E and VAL H 45 M were provided by Finzelberg (Andernach, Germany) and derived from dried, cutted roots of Valeriana officinalis L.
Due to the usage of solvents of different polarity and to differences in subsequent processing the valerian preparations showed distinctions regarding the native drug:extract ratio and the amount of valerenic acids that were determined by HPLC (Table 1).
Contrary to these reference compounds neither the valerian preparations VAL SE 35E and phytofin Valerian 368 nor the commercially available extract VAL H 70E showed significant changes in locomotor activity in dosages of 100, 250, 500 or 1000 mg/kg bw within the test period of 2h immediately after oral application.
While the central depressant drugs, diazepam and CPA, produced an extension of ether-induced anaesthesia, none of the valerian preparations influenced sleeping time significantly 30 or 60 min after gavage of 100, 250 and 500 mg/kg bw respectively.
An increased exploration of the open arms was also observed 60 min after oral administration of the valerian preparation VAL TE 35E, that was prepared with 35% v/v ethanol (Fig.
The special extract phytofin Valerian 368, that was derived from the soft extract VAL SE 35E using column absorption technique, exhibited a distinctive anxiolytic effect in the EPM procedure after oral application (Fig.
The special extract phytofin Valerian 368 proved to be antidepressant since immobility time, as shown in Fig.
8B), the pronounced reduction of immobility time after treatment with phytofin Valerian 368 (2 x 125 mg/kg bw) can be considered as a result of an antidepressant property of this preparation.
9A and B neither the extract VAL TE 35E nor the special extract phytofin Valerian 368 showed myorelaxant activity in the horizontal wire test in dosages up to 1000 mg/kg bw.
including two commercially available extracts and the newly developed preparations VAL SE 35E and phytofin Valerian 368.
Neither the valerian preparations VAL SE 35E and special extract phytofin Valerian 368 nor the commercially available extracts VAL H 70E and VAL 45 M induced a reduction of locomotor activity or a prolongation of ether-induced anaesthesia.