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(biology) a relative capacity to unite or react or interact as with antigens or a biological substrate

(chemistry) a property of atoms or radicals

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Valence provides critical surface treatments such as non-destructive testing, shot peening, chemical processing, plating, painting and spray coating to aerospace and defense components that require complex finishing to meet engineering specifications.
Valence currently operates eight (8) facilities throughout the US in key aerospace and defense manufacturing regions, serving over 3,000 customers and processing over 12m individual parts annually.
It can be seen from Figure 5(c) that the acceptor level in the valence band maximum of GaN:[V.sub.Ga] is mainly contributed by N2p electron states.
Strongest Emotion model: This model attempts to infer emotions from the values for Arousal and Valence, with respect to the six emotions that are defined by the clusters.
Individuals, groups or organizations who would like to volunteer for the Valence Cemetery clean-up project can contact Save Our Cemeteries at 504-525-3377 or email with subject line Valence Cemetery Clean-up.
The hypothesis investigated here proposes we can modulate the affective value (valence and arousal) of paintings and music by pairing musical or pictorial stimuli of opposite affective values and getting their valence shifts to neutral.
Valence Industries has mobilised further personnel to site and orders for the key plant and equipment components have been placed with deliveries scheduled over coming weeks.
A theoretical model was used earlier to describe the restructuring of valence bands in the bismuth containing III-V semiconductors using kxp formalism [7].
"Valence est parvenu a un accord avec Djukic pour qu'il devienne l'entraEneur de l'equipe premiere pour les deux prochaines saisons, jusqu'en 2015", a indique le club sur son site internet.
We're excited to be partnering with Valence Health to further our goals of clinical integration and population health management, said Peter Pruessing, CEO of QHS.
The review hypothesizes that valence, which can be defined as the positive or negative information automatically perceived in the majority of visual information, integrates visual features and associations from experience with similar objects or features.
Release date- 03112011 - AUSTIN, Texas - Valence Technology, Inc.
Valence Technology Incorporated (Valence) (NASDAQ: VLNC), a company focused on the development and manufacture of safe, long-life lithium iron magnesium phosphate energy storage solutions, has received a purchase order from Smith Electric Vehicles US (Smith).
Valence Technology Inc., (NASDAQ:VLNC) a company based in Austin, Texas, that makes lithium-ion batteries, reported lower revenues and earnings for the fourth quarter and the full year.