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Synonyms for valedictory

Synonyms for valedictory

of, done, given, or said on departing

Synonyms for valedictory

a farewell oration (especially one delivered during graduation exercises by an outstanding member of a graduating class)

of a speech expressing leave-taking

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Speaking at the valedictory function of the World Food India, Kovind said, "Food is culture - but food is also commerce.
Judge Hopkins said: "This valedictory is without precedent here in Cardiff Crown Court.
According to media reports, The letter, sent on July 25, 2017, was issued in reference to Chaudhry's valedictory letter (FSO-1/2017 of March 12, 2017), as the foreign secretary and on the official letter head of Pakistan's high commission in New Delhi.
I would like to thank the people behind Caritas Manila, all the donors and sponsors, our coordinators, my coscholars, for being with me in my journey of finding the Lord, realizing His plans, and understanding my deeper purpose in life,' Funes said in her valedictory speech.
Valedictory speeches were given by Wasan Al Khaja, Ms Shaji, Maria Naheed and Layla Ahmed Darwish.
Working within the field of auteur criticism he covers Fellini's manner: the open form and the style of excess; Fellini, Jung, and dreams; autobiography, childhood, and adolescence; autobiography and Fellini's portrait of the artist; the personae of Giulietta Masina; the comedy of types: early and late; and the adaptations: Fellini's valedictory.
PRESIDENT Pranab Mukherjee, who was to deliver valedictory address at Art of Living's World Culture Festival will not be attending the event.
Eyes will be duly popped and imaginations stirred by "Journey to Space," a valedictory tribute to NASA's past accomplishments that offers a sneak preview of the agency's exciting next frontier.
I was going to write a farewell message but last month's column on Sir Peter Scott and Charlie Schwartz was a pretty good one, so let that be the valedictory.
Last month I delivered the valedictory address for international masters students at Tel Aviv University.
I now look forward to new challenges, greater freedoms and a life outside this madhouse" - Tory MP Aidan Burley in his valedictory speech in the Commons.
Clive James whose death was said to be imminent two years ago, recalls valedictory interviews at that time.
Favreau, an alum who delivered the valedictory address in 2003.
18 -- The Valedictory function of the 16th edition of National Packaging Exhibition & Conference "INDPACK 2014" was held on today - 18th January, 2014 at Hall No.