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Synonyms for vainglorious

Synonyms for vainglorious

feeling self-importance


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[I]n the ruddiness, and flushfulness, and vaingloriousness of his youthful soul, he fondly hoped to have a monopoly of glory in capping the famecolumn, whose tall shaft had been erected by his noble sires.
So I hope that, after all, there may be enough voters out there who see through the hypocrisy, perfidy and vaingloriousness of those in Congress who are putting self-interest before the needs of the country.
And query "What does this vaingloriousness down here?"
And he has to make sure that he is pushing the right buttons--the hopefulness, the willful happiness, the exceptionalism, the vaingloriousness. In sum, he has to make sure that the movie he projects is one that leaves the audience feeling really good about themselves, their country, and their president.
Here the almost constant failure of the more elaborate stunts, like growing alternate fuels or driving modified cars across the Channel, exposes the presenters' vaingloriousness before others can do it for them.