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Synonyms for vainglorious

Synonyms for vainglorious

feeling self-importance


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These poor fresh-water sailors, so vainglorious on shore, and almost amphibious when on lakes and rivers, lost all heart and stomach the moment they were at sea.
And at the very moment of that vainglorious thought, a qualm came over me, a horrid nausea and the most deadly shuddering.
I'm only a quarter of the way through it but I could save you shelling out the half price by telling you that this is the most vainglorious, narcissistic, delusionary, treacherous compendium of words ever compiled in the English language.
"A vainglorious dictator seeking headlines over substance, always claiming to be right when wrong and incapable of direct eye contact."
The figure for this absurd piece of vainglorious self- indulgence and aggrandisement now stands at pounds 55m-some pounds 45mmore than when the project was first costed only four years ago.
Despite this, though, the last thing the people of Britain need is to open their purses and wallets to finance the vainglorious ambitions of politicians.
In French Polynesia, where I recently paid a visit, the French have finally suspended nuclear testing, after thirty years of vainglorious military preening and colonial high-handedness with the natives.
You get the impression that operating on an international stage is important to him, not for any vainglorious pursuit of fame but because it's the best way he can measure the success of his endeavours.
THE Royal Bank of Scotland lost pounds 3.6billion last year as they counted the cost of reckless lending and vainglorious deals that brought them to the brink of collapse.
Once the eye begins to float over the vainglorious style of writing, the Hitchcockian gems do sparkle.
Some have been scathing, condemning them as ``wholly talentless daubs'' and ``an embarrassing display of vainglorious conceit''.
One of the most vainglorious and utterly selfish things a parent does, other than to procreate to start with, is to inflict its own choice of name upon the child.
Now he's back with more vainglorious and definition-stretching ideas in the shape of All Delighted people.
But the other part is self-centred, vainglorious and irresponsible.
In a short while I will have adopted a few more of my father's vainglorious habits and will start driving at 50mph on the motorway, will enjoy sermons and will believe the world would be a better place without any form of fast food.