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Synonyms for vainglorious

Synonyms for vainglorious

feeling self-importance


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These poor fresh-water sailors, so vainglorious on shore, and almost amphibious when on lakes and rivers, lost all heart and stomach the moment they were at sea.
1989's vainglorious swansong Don't Tell A Soul is the highlight, but the competition is tough - zeal, fury and enthusiasm bursts forth from songs as varied as Androgynous, Waitress In The Sky and Alex Chilton.
Meanwhile, true to the ideals of "Champagne Socialism" as enjoyed by Ms Thornberry, senior local Labour politicians spend millions of pounds on vainglorious schemes which ordinary people neither want nor need.
Bookended by amusing contemporary segments in which a sassy museum tour guide (Christina Applegate) hosts a group of skeptical school kids, the story concerns the romantic triangle among the free-spirited Maria (Zoe Saldana) and her two suitors: Manolo (Diego Luna), the scion of a long line of bullfighters, who really wants to be a singer/guitarist; and the vainglorious Joaquin (Channing Tatum), a military hero who struts around with a huge display of medals on his chest.
The vainglorious effort to support the French resulted in our jettisoning masses of ordnance and material at the time of Dunkirk.
THE TOPIC: To a generation of Americans steeped in the history and lore of World War II, Douglas MacArthur was a brash, vainglorious general who told the people of the Philippines he would return (he did), oversaw the rebuilding of Japan after the war (to great success), and never shied from the spotlight.
As a footnote, it's interesting to learn that the ship's real-life crew claim Phillips was no hero, but a vainglorious nincompoop whose arrogance led to the hijacking.
Newport West MP Paul Flynn tweeted: "Oz has elected a bigoted air-head to drag them backwards into mean prejudice and vainglorious chauvinism.
There is still time, even now, for a re-think - better than to go on with this potential vainglorious waste.
The Holocaust was a unique event, but the basic nationalist litany is similar across nations -- almost a literary genre in itself -- for it is poised between a lachrymose sense of self-pitying victimhood and a vainglorious account of heroic deeds.
David Cameron should watch it before he decides on too much vainglorious 'celebration'' of WWI.
Dr Morgan describes the political leadership of the last two decades as 'delusional, short-sighted, vainglorious, obsessive and spineless.
While the phrase may suggest that vainglorious era in music's back pages when perpetual floor starers such as Chapterhouse and Slowdive caught us all by the fuzz, recent times have seen a new slew of outfits for whom a distorted wall of sound is legend.
The report suggested investigation had also exonerated Broad and concluded that Bailey was the only person responsible for the parody account, which suggested Pietersen was vainglorious and obsessed by money.
The account, which suggested Pietersen was vainglorious and obsessed by money, was followed by several members of the team and, at times, even elicited a good-humoured response from Pietersen before his attitude abruptly changed as his relationships with the ECB and his England team-mates deteriorated.