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Synonyms for vagueness

Synonyms for vagueness

Words related to vagueness

unclearness by virtue of being poorly expressed or not coherent in meaning

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indistinctness of shape or character

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During a joint press conference with Pompeo, Locsin said in "vagueness lies the best deterrence," describing the MDT.
Despite the vagueness of the concept, some 150 restaurants and hotels were participating in the programme, Perdios said, and advised more establishments to embrace it; he also urged people ask for a traditional Cyprus breakfast.
Unlike Locsin, Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana is not convinced that the ambiguity and vagueness in the MDT's language will serve as a deterrent to China.
On the other hand Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., while agreeing to the observation of 'vagueness' of the MDT in general, shared with Pompeo his position that 'In vagueness lies uncertainty.
Lorenzana said the vagueness is something that will not help the Philippines's cause, especially in times of crisis, as he pushed for a review of the 1051 treaty-a matter he raised first in November 2018 as he noted how the past decades' developments in the South China Sea warranted a clearer commitment by the US in defending its key ally in the region.
Andolong made the remark after Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr., said he does not believe that the 68-year old MDT between the Philippines and US should be reviewed or updated explaining that in the vagueness lays the best deterrence.
violate the void for vagueness doctrine as discussed further in the next
The plaintiffs did not make the vagueness argument in their case, Court of Special AppealsJudge Daniel A.
"The failure of some ministers is mainly due to the unhealthy political atmosphere and the vagueness on the political scene.
For this one I want to make a substantial assumption: throughout this paper I shall assume that vagueness is a semantic phenomenon, as opposed to an epistemic or metaphysical one.
It was full of warm words but ended in vagueness and vanity.
At the meeting the Law Minister Anisul Huq assured the Editors' Council of removing loopholes and vagueness in the Digital Security Act and also that the Editors' Council will be having a meeting with the parliamentary standing committee on post, telecommunication and ICT, where the editors' can place their concerns regarding amendments to the Digital Security Act.
She said it suffered from the same sort of unconstitutional vagueness as a law the court struck down in 2015 in a criminal context.
When deliberating about distribution of powers between Chairman Privatization Commission and the board, Senator Farhatullah Babar observed vagueness in Privatization Ordinance 2001, as it was silent regarding who the members of the commission are and how it was constituted.
Summary: After stormy weeks of anxiety, apprehension and vagueness that shook the foundations of governance in Lebanon, this week promises some good tidings, and hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel.