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muscular contraction that causes the vagina to close

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"Very often women suffer in silence with incontinence, prolapse, vaginismus, vaginal laxity and sexual dysfunction because of these concerns.
I think mine may be vaginismus," Jane interjected, "if you don't treat me doctor I will leave this marriage and stay single, and I am serious about this.
Vaginismus is defined as recurrent or persistent involuntary muscle spasms affecting the distal third of the vagina.
The extant research is primarily quantitative, with the exception of case studies (Bulow, 2009; Chakrabarti & Sinha, 2002; Perelman, 2002) and Reissing, Armstrong, and Allen's (2013) study on the treatment history of women with lifelong vaginismus. Several additional studies, both quantitative and qualitative, have examined the topic of women and couples where the woman experiences pain during PVI as a result of provoked vestibulodynia (Rosen, Bergeron, Lambert, & Steben, 2013; Sadownik, Seal, & Brotto, 2012; Sadownik, Smith, Hui, & Brotto, 2017; Smith, Pukall, & Chamberlain, 2013).
Female patients with CKD had higher sexual frequency (p=0.004), communication (p=0.004), satisfaction (p<0.001), avoidance (p=0.008), sensuality (p=0.002), orgasmic disorders (p<0.001), and total sexual dysfunction (p<0.001) scores, while also having lower vaginismus scores (p=0.01 8; Table 2).
Vaginal spasm, pain and behavior: an empirical investigation of the diagnosis of vaginismus. Arch Sex Behav.
Because of my difficulty I was diagnosed with vaginismus. This is a condition that can make sexual intercourse, gynecological exams and even tampon insertion painful, if not impossible.
"We have a lot of girls coming to therapy because of a condition called vaginismus, which is the tightening of the vagina muscles, and it's an anxiety condition .
Exclusion criteria comprised virginity, pregnancy or suspicion of pregnancy, cervical stenosis, vaginismus, any pathology that distorted the cervical canal or uterine cavity, active pelvic inflammatory disease or sexually transmitted infection and purulent cervicitis.
Sexual pain disorders include dyspareunia and vaginismus. (24) Estimates of women who have sexual dysfunction in normal outpatient population range from 19 to 50% (25),(26) and the number increases to 68 to 75% when sexual dissatisfaction and other problems are included.
Sexual dysfunction measurement were done by gynecologists/sexologists in infertility center on the basis of a diagnostic interview according to the International Classification DSM-IV in four parts including sexual desire disorder, sexual excitement disorder, orgasmic disorder and sexual pain (vaginismus and dyspareunia) over the course of at least three months before the initiation of the study (19).
The interval is influenced by the reason for seeking medical help, with couples wishing to start a family having the longest intervals (24,25), as shown by the first presented case, while those with ED or vaginismus present early (3,4,20), as shown by three of the presented cases.
Kadin formunda anorgazmi, vaginismus, iletisim, siklik, kacinma ve doyum seklinde alt olceklerin puanlari yani sira toplam puan hesaplanirken, erkek formundaki toplam puana ek alt olcek sirasiyla impotans, prematur ejakulasyon, iletisimsizlik, siklik, kacinma ve doyumsuzluk puanlari hesaplanir.
Atallah said vaginismus is the one of the main ailments women come to her clinic for -- certainly more women seek treatment for it in Lebanon than in the West.