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There are angry vaginas and vaginas dressed in silk stockings.
Thus, vaginal douching pertains to the act of washing out the vagina. A douche is a tool you use to wash out the vagina with water and vinegar.
The sister publication to the style bible recently came under fire for its oddly-titled article, "How to get your best summer vagina ever."
New York, July 30 ( ANI ): Apart from preventing unwanted pregnancies and spread of sexually transmitted diseases, condoms may help good bacteria in the vagina flourish, a new study has found.
Jacoby also indicates that every vagina she has photographed is unique.
We get sex education at school and they had diagrams of the vagina.
I have come to know these women (and sometimes men) as Vagina Warriors.
"But some doctors are excising the vagina during pelvic surgeries to the extent that there are now thousands of women who have no vagina to speak of.
"Vagina rejuvenation", meanwhile, may not always be practical but you've got to admit it sounds like fun trying.
Female or male, American or Bosnian, African American or Jewish, lesbian or straight, it doesn't matter--we can all include vaginas and what happens to them as an essential feature of our world view, rather than keeping them marginalized and out of sight.
"Half of these people who are trying to regulate vaginas, they can't even say the word," she said.
Vaginas are endowed with natural lubrication that increases upon arousal.
Hillier developed a suppository that consists of a gel capsule that melts upon insertion into the vagina, dispersing a payload of probiotic lactobacilli that researchers isolated from the vaginas of healthy women.
Sexual intercourse and dilator use can lengthen the vagina. Surgical lengthening is usually reserved for those women with very short, nearly absent vaginas.
Megumi said she started making the "pussy boats" because she doesn't know what other vaginas looked like.