vaginal smear

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smear taken from the vaginal mucosa for cytological analysis

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(22) Another index, the VMI (discussed on page S10), indirectly assesses the level of estrogen based on the number of mature and parabasal epithelial cells on a vaginal smear. (23) Other research--for example, that of Minkin and colleagues (21)--focused on general, external, and internal physical signs of VVA.
Estrous cycles of all mice were determined by evaluating the cell types in vaginal smears (15).
In March, a female in captivity gave birth to three pups and the vaginal smear taken in the following day showed estrous features, thus representing a postpartum estrus (Fig.
(c) Vaginal smears from mice in the fourth day of infection, showing specific marking for T.
Gram-stained vaginal smears are the least expensive and fastest among the laboratory methods.
The use of Amsel's criteria was based on some clinical symptoms that could not be standardized, so we did not include them in the assessment, but we evaluated the most important and significant laboratory indication for BV which was confirmation that more than 20% from the total cell population were clue cells in the oil immersion fields of the vaginal smear that coincides with Nugent score 7-10 and Ison/Hay score III.
In 1939, the reevaluation of the vaginal smear for cancer detection began.
(16) Vaginal smear was carried out daily at 10:00-11:00AM to ascertain ovarian failure.
An international study of the interobserver variation between interpretations of vaginal smear criteria of bacterial vaginosis.
Abhaya's vaginal swab and vaginal smear conducted by the state forensic lab had been tampered with became the turning point in the case.
Yeast can usually be visualized in a vaginal smear using saline alone.
After treatment, women with a positive test result in the intervention group had a second vaginal smear between 24 and 28 weeks.
Males and females were placed together in a cage and females were tested each day for a sperm-positive vaginal smear. After a sperm positive vaginal smear, females were housed separately, maintained on their respective diets, and weighed daily until weight gain reversal or miscarriage.
A different approach was that the dosage of estrogen used in clinical practice should be decided on the basis of vaginal changes, evaluated with a vaginal smear. A woman should be given enough estrogen to produce changes in the vaginal smear ("a full follicular smear") and "symptomatic relief."(69) According to this view, laboratory tests (the visual assessment of change in the vagina by looking through a microscope at a slide which contains stained vaginal secretions) constitute better medicine.