vaginal discharge

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discharge of secretions from the cervical glands of the vagina

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(30-32) Our findings were in concurrence with Bhalla et al, (33) who reported 32.8% prevalence of BV among women in Delhi and with Verma et al (26) who observed prevalence of 29.2% among women with vaginal discharge. These variations in the rate could be different to geographical distribution or systematic differences among various population samples.
That's most likely vaginal discharge. Every girl gets it!
In a multiple logistic regression analysis controlling simultaneously for all of these factors, only self-reported vaginal discharge was not independently associated with bacterial vaginosis.
Warning signs of most childbirth complications include chest pain, difficulty in breathing, heavy bleeding, severe headache, rashes, coughing and smelly vaginal discharge. Mothers are advised to consult a doctor if they experience these signs.
Hence, watery vaginal discharge is definitely a red flag and warrants a consult at the hospital right away.
[14] This treatment covers the most common treatable and sexually transmitted causes of vaginal discharge in women, namely N.
Shamyla Farrukh, M.D., from Staten Island University Hospital North in New York, and colleagues enrolled 288 female patients age 14 to 20 years who presented to a pediatric emergency department with a complaint of vaginal discharge or lower abdominal pain.
She had symptoms of vaginal discharge and itch for which she was given multiple courses of antifungals and topical steroids.
Menstrual disturbances, vaginal discharge, lost string, misplaced device and expulsion were seen in 238(19%), 193(15.4%), 268(21.4%), 14(1.8%) and 75(6%) of the patients respectively.
Aherrera reports that vaginal discharge is the most frequent complaint from her patients, regardless of age.
Gil Mor, Yale University Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Juno is a proprietary panty liner device that, in internal testing, the company said it believes "has successfully demonstrated the ability to collect and preserve cells from vaginal discharge, potentially enabling the identification of abnormal cells that may indicate the presence of cancer." The panty liner, worn overnight, is designed to collect vaginal discharge and to be sent to a laboratory where cellular and genomic analysis could be conducted on the collected cells to identify malignancies.
About one-third of visits (34%; n = 38) were for vaginal discharge or irritation.
Symptoms of cervical cancer include: | Vaginal bleeding, usually after having sex | Bleeding at other times, other than during the monthly period | Pain/discomfort during intercourse | Unpleasant smelling vaginal discharge To find out more about the screening programme visit http://
Vaginal discharge is a considerable problem for many women causing discomfort, anxiety affecting women's quality of life and consuming considerable resources.
Group 1: women with vaginal discharge, abdominal pain, bleeding (Cervicitis).