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having freedom to move about

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Zupo, "Depth and seasonal distribution of some groups of the vagile fauna of the Posidonia oceanica leaf stratum: structural and trophic analyses," Marine Ecology, vol.
The scallop Argopecten purpuratus is an infralittoral vagile species living on muddy sand bottoms.
However, it is known that young, benthic, vagile individuals are often found in higher concentrations on substrates with higher structural complexity, which can provide refuge for them (Moksnes & Heck, 2006; Webley et al., 2009).
princeps are highly vagile, and their reliance on mesic and riparian habitat influences their dispersal ability and population persistence (Vignieri 2005).
Because birds perceive the landscape at a broader spatial scale than less vagile taxa, the issue of offsite influences on conservation outcomes within PAs appears both particularly relevant and easier to assess at the coarse spatial scale that we use.
A smaller Macadamia from a more vagile tribe: inference of phylogenetic relationships, divergence times, and diaspore evolution in Macadarnia and relatives (tribe Macadamieae; Proteaceae).
Schistocerca americana (Drury): Surprisingly, this widespread and highly vagile species was not detected often in these habitats.
sierra, is a vagile neritic epipelagic species, which forms large schools and migrates seasonally for feeding and spawning.
It is interesting to note that two benthic groups, brachiopods and polychaetes, show reversed diversity patterns: a low-diversity brachiopod fauna is associated with a high-diversity scolecodont assemblage, suggesting that the bottom environments were indeed more suitable for vagile benthos than sessile filtrators.
These less vagile floral visitors might prove more effective as pollinators should gender determination prove to be more flexible or certain modes of bisexuality more common in Ailanthus than is normally reported.
Depth and seasonal distribution of some groups of vagile fauna of the Posidonia oceanica leaf substratum: structural and trophic analyses.
As the Borneo biota has close affinities with other regions within Sundaland, few comprehensive studies are done on Borneo endemics, as most groups of more or less vagile organisms are distributed over a wider area.