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a mixed nerve that supplies the pharynx and larynx and lungs and heart and esophagus and stomach and most of the abdominal viscera

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The complex forms of caring co-evolved with sophisticated breeding systems, including cooperation in care and tenacious pair bonds in the most extreme cases," Vagi added.
The two other vagi patterns include two trunks communicating with a plexus (56.7%), which were classified as type 2, and one or more bifurcated trunks (13.3%), classified as type 3.
Merejalavaeosad ei ole maaratud pikaajaliseks lahingutegevuseks, kui olukord seda just hadasti ei noua, naiteks USA merejala vagi Vaikse ookeani sojatandril teises maailmasojas.
The hiccup center may be activated by a great variety of stimuli travelling along different nerve pathways and a reflex arc has been proposed, with the phrenic nerves, vagi, and T6-12 sympathetic fibers as the afferent limb.
(50) Laszlo Karsai, Gabor Kadar, and Zoltan Vagi, "Forward," in From Deprivation of Rights to Genocide, Gyorgy Novak, trans.
Bishops, beginning with Joseph Cretin in 1851, had to deal not only with severely limited resources but also with exasperating clerical scalawags, misfit vagi prone to troubles with alcohol and women whose stories make lively if sometimes painful reading.
aasta veebruaris-martsis umbes 20 000-meheline Moskva, Novgorodi ja Pihkva vagi Louna-Eestisse, kus ruustati laialdaselt, ning olulise saavutusena on margitud kahe "linna" (aopooa)--Karksi ja Viljandi--aravotmist (PL II, 223).
(55.) Nora Vagi Brash, in Angels of War, produced and directed by Gavan Daws, Hank Nelson, and Andrew Pike.
Vagi of Reynolds Metals Company; and Patricia Schweitzer of Reynolds Packaging Group.
La ACC se aproxima al craneo y se divide en ACI y ACE, sobre la ACE se forma un tronco arterial del que derivan diversos vasos que irrigan a organos y musculos de la region cervical y cefalica, de esta manera surgen las arterias Occipital (AO), Comes Nervi Vagi (ACNV), Laringotraqueoesofagica (ALTE) y Musculo Cutanea (AMC).
Conceptual understandings about whole numbers are important for children to be able to apply their understandings toward solving procedural and word problem tasks (Hecht 2002, 2006; Hecht, Close, & Santisi, 2003; Hecht, Vagi, & Torgesen, 2007).
For example, Hecht, Vagi, and Torgesen (2007) described a line of research investigating students' understanding and computational skill with fractions.
The vinylester SMC meets all functional specs, including exposure to 200[degrees]C for ten hours, says Meridian's Matt Vagi. "I don't think an injection-molded nylon would withstand those heat requirements."
jaani 'Johannistag' und den Breitwegerich vagihein (Vai) < vagi 'Wirkungskraft' + hein genannt (1993 : 477-478).
Marton Vagi, the CEO of Hungarian state asset manager APV, has said that a decision regarding the appeal is expected in two or three weeks.