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of or relating to the vagus nerve

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Additionally, glucose response after the vagotomy procedure during surgery verified the role of a vagal effect on hypoglycemia.
The purpose of this postural modification is to boost relaxation phase venous return and vagal stimulation.
The aims of this study were to compare differences in vagal activity in NT, PT, and HT subjects.
David Prologo, M.D., from the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, and colleagues examined the feasibility and safety of percutaneous CT-guided cryoablation of the posterior vagal trunk in 10 subjects with mild-to-moderate obesity (body mass index between 30 and 37 kg/m[sup.2]).
(1) performed successful esophageal stripping operation series with preservation of the vagal nerve.
Hoarseness of voice is often seen and a paroxysmal cough on palpation of the mass may be used as a clinical indicator of vagal nerve involvement.
Indeed, HRV is strongly correlated with actual vagal nerve activity (r = 0.88; 30).
stated that the high ICP triggered an increased vagal discharge to the heart leading to sinus cycle abnormalities [7].
The first-line recommended emergency treatment for stable regular, narrow complex tachycardia secondary to SVT is the utilization of vagal maneuvers [2] such as the Valsalva maneuver (VM) [3] or the carotid sinus massage.
These studies clearly indicate the possible causal relationship between adequate vagal nerve activity and reduced tumor progression, though not all studies point at this direction [16].
We're not quite there yet but bigger implantable devices are already in use such as vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) for severe epilepsy.
Amac: Direncli epilepsi hastalarinda vagal sinir uyarimi (VSU) sonrasi yasam kalitesi, nobet sikligi ve psikiyatrik degerlendirilmesini degerlendirmeyi amacladik.
As no eligibility for epilepsy surgery was established, vagal nerve stimulation was finally proposed in this patient.
The increase in HR is the consequence of the greater action of the sympathetic pathway and the lower parasympathetic activity (i.e., vagal inhibition) while the decrease in HR depends primarily on the predominance of vagal activity (18,28).