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a gauge for indicating negative atmospheric pressure


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The main problem in the vacuum nano-coating deposition process is unreliable accuracy of vacuum gauge. Incorrect pressure measurements and even small pressure deviations can reduce nano-coating properties and quality.
To resolve these difficulties, ULVAC has developed an ionization vacuum gauge with a structure designed to lighten the load on ion collectors by reducing the ion current value per area and to make electric potential in ionized space uniform.
When asked about his vacuum relief set-up he told me that to regulate the vacuum, you add or take off weight while watching the vacuum gauge. When the vacuum gets more than the weight of the weights hanging on the chain, the plate in the bottom of the tank lifts up causing a leak, and the vacuum is reduced.
The basic elements of the RPT apparatus include a vacuum chamber, crucible (sample cup), chamber base, vacuum gauge, vacuum regulator, release valve and vacuum pump.
In this paper we analyze vacuum gauge unreliable pressure measurements during technological coating process at Sidrabe Inc.
However, this kind of conventional combined vacuum gauge has certain problems including, (1) the entire gauge head has to be replaced if one of the gauge heads failed, (2) the gauge heads are more complicated and break easily, (3) the gauge heads are expensive.
Standard features include an all-welded steel frame, adjustable handle with built-in controls, a vacuum gauge, and audio-visual vacuum leakage detector system.
The two-page, full-color brochure includes the latest additions to the company's line, including a digital vacuum gauge, a portable leak finder, a digital vacuum/pressure gauge, and calibrated leak/flow helium leak standards.
The treatment can also be applied to vacuum gauge housings to allow for more accurate vacuum measurements without the excessive outgassing typically found with standard stainless steel housings at UHV and XHV pressures.
The test head is equipped with an inflatable rubber bladder to seal to the manhole and is equipped with a pressure gauge and relief valve for inflating the bladder, a 0-30 "Hg liquid-filled vacuum gauge, a double air fill and exhaust manifold with quarter turn ball valves, two bolt on steel feet, and a bridge assembly with height rod adjustement.
Also, it is important to install the pump vacuum gauge directly into the vacuum pump inlet, below the screen; there is usually a tapped connection there.
Two advanced domestic developments were presented at the conference - a dry spiral vacuum pump and a pre-production vacuum gauge sample with a measurement range from 10 to 10,000 Pa.
In INFICON HPG 400 ionization vacuum gauge data sheets stated that the accuracy is +/- 15% of reading in range from 10E-5 to 1 mbar [12].
The system's remote RF/PC interfaces enable all active electronic components to be mounted at up to 15M from the vacuum gauge head.
Available in air- or electric powered models, a vacuum gauge and rugged wire-reinforced tube with a protective cover are standard, and a quick-connect coupling accommodates a wide selection of vacuum suction pads.