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  • adj

Synonyms for vacuous

Synonyms for vacuous

containing nothing

lacking intelligent thought or content

Synonyms for vacuous

devoid of intelligence

devoid of significance or point

devoid of matter

Related Words

void of expression

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They see me as pointless and this really spoilt, really stupid vacuous empty human being.
She told Q Radio: "I sometimes feel like my life is a bit empty - as ridiculous as that sounds to some people, a bit vacuous.
Seems she's now referring to her vacuous, sloanie little self as a "columnist, presenter and broadcaster".
A failed pop star, a vacuous model and the ultimate train wreck of reality TV Jade Goody - all from Big Brother.
That shouldn't come as a surprise given that the sometimes watchable, maddeningly manipulative ``We Are Marshall'' comes from McG, who's trying to stretch after making the vacuous ``Charlie's Angels'' movies.
This lack has produced an insatiable hunger for science and all things advertised as "scientific"--may they be electronic gadgets such as cellular phones or vacuous ideas such as common descent.
Supporting the culture meant supporting racial segregation, the nuclear arms race, the violent overthrow of democratic and popular governments, widespread environmental pollution, uncritical support of business and commercial interests--even when they were doing clear and intentional damage to public and personal health, widening gaps between rich and poor and a lifestyle that was increasingly vacuous, materialistic and money-oriented.
It's about a grumpy, bookish, 40-something dreamer (Lepage) dealing with the death of his chic mother (Aline-Marie Cadieux) and battling an ongoing rivalry with his vacuous gay weatherman brother (Lepage, again).
Just being so jolly and vacuous like this, I don't know, it doesn't feel right to me.
She also skewers the vacuous attempts to borrow religious trappings to give a "spiritual" effect to a secular work or the adding of pop music and general simplicity to "attract the young people" to the Christian religion.
But compared with bombings in the news, Inopportune: Stage One seems merely an exercise in the aesthetics of violence, little more than a vacuous spectacle.
Gumbleton best captures the vacuous ineptitude of these groups that seek to enable same-sex genital sexual behavior when he said, "I just don't understand why we in the church would turn them away or create such an atmosphere that they would feel totally unwelcomed.
While radio and TV outlets continue to chant vacuous mantras about "choice," the only people showing concern are toy manufacturers, those faced with implementing school closures, and those involved with the future of pension plans which face declining contributions and accelerating expenditures.
I can expect the usual vacuous talking heads on the airwaves to let a shill get away with saying, "Oh, that is not true," or, "That problem is being fixed," but not The Progressive.
Despondent after discovering that Fabio, with whom she has long shared intellectual intercourse, is now infatuated with the beautiful and vacuous Clorina, Urania abandons Salerno to traverse the country, dressing as a man (for safety's sake) and taking the name of her beloved.