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a tiny cavity filled with fluid in the cytoplasm of a cell

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In addition, within splenic and hepatic macrophages and acinar cells of the exocrine pancreas, a single, clear vacuole peripheralized the nuclei.
Sperm morphology determines the internal organelles such as vacuole, acrosome and base of head which have an important role in fertility.
TcAQP-GFP fusion proteins were localized in the acidocalcisomes of the parasite and in a contractile vacuole close to the flagellar pocket (Montalvetti et al.
Genetically disabling one of those pore-forming proteins, called PPLP2, allows the malaria parasites to break free of the vacuole but keeps them firmly sealed inside the red blood cell, Glushakova and colleagues discovered.
Its nucleus takes up a peripheral position together the central vacuole develops, i.
Signet ring cell lymphoma of T-cell origin: an immunocytochemical and ultrastructural study relating giant vacuole formation to cytoplasmic sequestration of surface membrane.
The embryogenic cells, regardless of the direct or indirect process, present fast mitotic division, small size, dense cytoplasm, large nuclei with prominent nucleoli, small vacuoles and the presence of starch grains.
Histopathology revealed some slit like or glandular spaces lined by flattened cells with intracytoplasmic vacuoles in an abundant fibromuscular stroma and few inflammatory cells.
Other interesting ultrastructural aspects include the presence of lipidic bodies in the cytoplasm, a reduced vacuole component and well-developed periplasmatic spaces (Fig.
The protein "bricks" are then diverted and incorporated into a bacterial structure called a vacuole that houses bacteria as it replicates within the cell.
Among the topics are genetic determinants of bacterial pathogenicity, fimbrial adhesins: adhesive molecules on a "stalk," whether toxins acting on intracellular targets can by friends as well as foes, the bacterial life in a vacuole, and bacterial resistance to antimicrobial peptides.
GRA antigens are stored within Toxoplasma dense granules and secreted into the Parasitophorous Vacuole (PV) after parasite invasion (19), (20).
C moniliferium cell has deposited strontium-bearing barite crystals in the gray vacuole at the alga's tip.
1998), Mg deficiency may provoke osmotic changes in the vacuole as this ion is a cofactor and an important factor of regulation of the V-type [H.
On histology, macrovesicular steatosis is defined by a single, large vacuole of fat that fills up the hepatocyte and displaces the nucleus to the periphery of the cell