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a local infection induced in humans by inoculation with the virus causing cowpox in order to confer resistance to smallpox

a viral disease of cattle causing a mild skin disease affecting the udder


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Pexa-Vec Clinical Development Program Pexa-Vec is the most advanced product candidate from SillaJen's proprietary SOLVE(TM) (Selective Oncolytic Vaccinia Engineering) platform.
Isolation of two vaccinia virus strains from a single bovine vaccinia outbreak in rural area from Brazil: implications on the emergence of zoonotic orthopoxviruses.
Lead researcher Dr Sepideh Gholami, from Stanford University in California, US, said: "The reason we used the vaccinia virus is it is a member of the small pox family, and, as we know, small pox vaccine has been given to millions of people to eradicate small pox.
In a further extension of the accordion analogy, in addition to observing rapid gene expansion in the E3L-deficient strain of vaccinia, the researchers also observed that the virus contracted after acquiring an adaptive mutation, swapping a beneficial mutation for a smaller genomic footprint.
Now, using close observation of multiple generations of the vaccinia virus and robust methods of genetic sequencing, the scientists have identified an expansion of the K3L gene that enables vaccinia to defeat protein kinase R and compete in the arms race against the immune system.
The incident underscores the need for lab workers who work with vaccinia virus to be vaccinated against smallpox, according to the study's authors, as well as to follow recommended safety practices.
The second study found that another modified vaccinia virus called JX-963 reduced liver tumor growth in rabbits (Thorne et al.
The primary objective of the registry is to assess the risk of fetal vaccinia, a rare but serious infection of the fetus, which is thought to occur after maternal viremia and is manifested by skin lesions and internal organ involvement.
The vaccinia virus model is the standard used for identifying potential drugs to inhibit the reproduction of the closely related smallpox virus.
Why has so much focus been placed on protecting us against the threat of a smallpox outbreak ("The Vaccinia Dilemma," SN: 4/5/03, p.
The vaccinia virus is spread by touching the vaccination site before it is healed or by touching bandages, clothing, or bed linens that are contaminated with vaccinia.
In reactions that do not resolve, vaccinia immune globulin (VIG) is the preferred treatment, Dr.
A: The most common vaccine used today is made from the vaccinia virus, a close relative of the smallpox virus.
Even for those of us who decades ago received vaccinia, there is now more concern about decisions to use this vaccine, with greater awareness of the risks, and less trust in recommendations about vaccines in general," they said.
Compensation: Who will cover medical and other expenses in case of adverse reactions to the vaccine, or to catching the vaccinia virus from someone recently vaccinated?