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Shortly thereafter, Ekstrom announced in the Chicago Tribune that 40 new buses had been added to the company's fleet to serve "Chicago vacationists bound for the Michigan summer playground."
Since the restaurant was a hub or a pit stop, vacationists also asked for dips, sandwiches, salads and wraps.
ILGAZ MOUNTAIN/SKIING: As the weather conditions appropriate to the wintertime arrived in Turkey and snowfall blanketed with white the skiing runs, resorts in Ilgaz Mountain also were flocked into by vacationists.
Once a Haunt of Buccaneers, this Ever-Summer Isle Lures vacationists and Prospers from Newly Exploited Aluminum Ore", Washington, The National Geographic Magazine, March 1954, pp.
"equally excellent opportunities for vacationists in the home island"
For some reason they weren't encouraged with the same visionary spirit, but dismissed to a drab cargo dock which failed to impress vacationists.