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shaped in the form of the letter V

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One proposed revision would involve moving the V-shaped runways slightly to the southwest from the current plan and shortening the construction period, the sources said.
: "delivery of 1 piece of new plant and household washer with manual waste tip and 1 new v-shaped snow rake for the needs of op" gabrovo ".
Although the package does not refer to the plan, it is based on a May 1 accord between Japan and the United States to build a V-shaped airfield on the camp's coastline as an alternative to the original plan for relocating Futemma that has been stalled for a decade.
The superior tools for this purpose all have the V-shaped slot that you wedge the tick's body into, effectively using its ...
It features a large V-shaped grille with chrome embellishments, redesigned projector headlamps with LED DRLs and a re-profiled front bumper.
Carole Samaha chose an elegant white dress for the Murex D'or ceremony, designed by Rayane Bacha , that has long sleeves and a V-shaped neck decorated with a glossy stripe and a slit in front.
For now, Ju continues to anticipate a Q3 of 2019 launch for the new app, but whereas his prior estimates had contemplated a more V-shaped recovery, the analyst elects to assume a more gradual U-shaped growth which in turn decreases his longer-term estimates.
In this paper, the effect of employing V-shaped splitter plates behind the circular pins (V-shaped Splitter Plate Circular Pin Fin Heat Sink) (Hereinafter VSPCPFHS) and square pins (V-shaped Splitter Plate Square Pin Fin Heat Sink) (Hereinafter VSPSPFHS) inside the heat sink is studied numerically for the first time.
My V-shaped tomato trellises allow for plenty of airflow.
This created a V-shaped space which showed off part of her chest area.
For high performance, the unit's V-shaped girder section saves 17% of the unit's weight (in comparison to a conventional box-section girder).
Although our 12-month results were marred by the fuel economy scandal in Japan during the first half, we have begun a V-shaped recovery.
In this paper, the stepped spillways of [theta] = 120[degrees] and [theta] = 180[degrees] are named as V-shaped and traditional stepped spillway, respectively (shown in Figure 1).
The trio are described as aged between 25 and 40, one with a V-shaped haircut wearing a blue and white stripped T-shirt, another was heavily built and had a brown coat and the third wore a black coat.
The deep padded sides are cosy and protective and a V-shaped backrest adds extra comfort.