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foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife

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We saw above that De doctrina Christiana teaches that Adam fell 'for behaving uxoriously, she for not heeding her husband [uxorius hic, mariti illa inobservantior]' (CE, XV.
John Lahr doesn't mention it, but Olivier had long wanted to silence Tynan because, as a critic, he had consistently criticised Vivien Leigh for not being as good an actor as her then husband, when Olivier uxoriously insisted on acting with her.
If Walter Lambe was uxoriously inclined, this may explain why he did not follow the usual path for Etonians, which was to take up a scholarship to King's College, Cambridge;(20) it may also account for his having twice given up an extremely well-paid and prestigious post at Windsor in order to return to the comparative obscurity of Arundel.
333), where women only exist uxoriously and even Henry's vicious treatment of his step-mother, Joan of Navarre, merits merely a footnote's notice (p.