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foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife

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The uxorious protagonist in Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage feels controlled by his obsession for his beloved.
These accessible representations make visible an intimacy British subjects relished and "mapped a gendered domesticity on to the royal couple" (27), one that later backfired as critique of the King's uxorious marriage.
David is vaguely aware of his doublethink as can be seen from his description of his relationship with Soraya (2): "His sentiments are, he is aware, complacent, even uxorious. Nevertheless he does not cease to hold to them."
After him came a long line of uxorious presidents, until Clinton.
His personal failings were swiftly and unerringly identified with his political aspirations in a way that interlinked his "sexual irmnorality, his political deception, and his uxorious enthrallment as symptoms of his unmanly character" (54-5).
When my first wife left me for being too uxorious, I reacted as most Greeks would.
(21.) The most convincing argument I've read is Penelope Freedman's, who observes that at this moment, Ford switches from addressing his wife with the "vous" form to the more intimate "tu": this pronoun change marks his own transformation, she explains, from "jealous domestic tyrant to uxorious husband--no longer 'an heretic,' but a devoted believer"; Power and Passion in Shakespeare's Pronouns: Interrogating 'you' and 'thou' (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007):26.
Instead, the comparatively uxorious railroaders used the nation cruelly, building lines in response to the pressure not of demand for transport from goods and travelers, but from suckers looking to turn a buck, eager to be conned by investment in a railroad--any railroad.
One was long uxorious, the other married late; one's writing became a byword for scandalous concupiscence, the other's is reticent about desire, let alone romance.
I never thought I'd have to use the word uxorious, but that's what my son is.
Among his perspectives are the fruit of usury, Samson Sybariticus, revolution and romance, killing no murder, uxorious usurers, and blind man's bluff.
"She made my home the pleasantest spot to me on earth," he said, "and now that she is gone, my worldly loss is perfect." (101) Leonard Woods, the primum mobile of both the American Temperance Society and the Andover Theological Seminary, was positively uxorious, building a wheelchair for his paralyzed wife and taking her for outings in it.
It's as pleasant and satisfying a sensation he knows, this uxorious feeling, to know he belongs to someone.
Carlos re was uxorious, but a whiff of scandal hung around his menage trois with the chief minister, commander-in-chief, and svengali, Manuel Godoy, principe de la Paz, who fascinated the Spanish Queen, Maria Luisa.
Tennyson identified this musician as Orpheus, a curious choice since it seems to place Tristram's adulterous tune in parallel with Orpheus's uxorious one.