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(legal terminology) the Latin word for wife

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The spinning metaphor additionally emphasises the spatial division between men and women and brings out the rebellious behaviour of Uxor.
In addition, Selden described Karaite marriage practices in detail in a number of chapters in his work on Jewish marriage, Uxor Hebraica; these sections are dependent upon works whose origins were in Rittangel's stay among the Karaites.
Katerina, uxor dicti Roelini, de voluntate sui mariti et per tutorem suum, ipsi datum per legem, renunciavit omni iuri, quod habebat seu habere poterat ratione dotis .
Griselda, as opposed to Uxor, is an ideal model for women within "a wealth-banking enclave called the private home" (209) because her role as wife takes priority over all other obligations.
Accipe signum Christi in capite, ut uxor eius efficiaris, et si in eo permanseris, in perpetuum coroneris.
Another membership list of this scuola, covering about 1290 to 1329, reports the same names almost unchanged except that one sister is recorded in the first list but not in the second and one in the second bur nor on the first; seven designations as uxor (wife) are omitted in the second list.
And just as Lydgate's husbands and wives file opposing briefs, Uxor and Noah of the Towneley pageant plead their cases to the audience:
17 'Dum autem redire voluisset, non acquievit uxor, proinde Moyses tanquam vir astrorum peritus duas imagines sculpsit in gemmis, huius efficaciae; ut altera memoriam, altera oblivionem conferret.
Domi recepta eius filia Hippolita quae et tibi Nurus optima et Alphonso prima genito tuo sanctissima integerrimaque uxor iucundissimas nepotes regnique successores daret.
I say "apparently" because there is little indication that Almond has been systematic in his selection of sources or his treatment of them: passa ges are quoted from references in secondary sources (with special reliance on Keith Thomas and Antonia Frasier); the importance of contemporary translations of Continental works is frequently overlooked (even when those translations are used, such as Sylvester's Du Bartas); and rather obvious primary materials, from Andrew Marvell's "The Garden" and Mower poems to John Selden's Uxor Hebraica, go unconsidered.
Si egressus fueris ad pugnam contra inimicos tuos, et tradiderit eos Dominum Deus tuus in manu tua, caprivosque duxeris, et videris in numero captivorum mulierem pulchram, et adamaveris eam, voluerisque habere uxorem, introduces eam in domum tuam: quae radet caesariem, et circumcidet ungues, et deponet vestem, in qua capta est; sedensque in domo tua, flebit pattern et matrem suam uno mense: et postea intrabis ad eam, dormiesque cum illa, et erit uxor tua" (as quoted in Dinshaw, 22-23).