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a small pendant fleshy lobe at the back of the soft palate

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The patients analyzed in the present study exhibited multiple lesions in the oral cavity caused by syphilis with the exception of patient 7, who exhibited a lesion in the uvula only.
The soft palate lowered with the uvula (1) approaches the root of the tongue (3).
13,14 The hypertrophied uvula, on the other hand, helps in closing the oropharyngeal opening.
The tourniquet syndrome may occur in different parts of the body, particularly in toes, fingers, penis, clitoris, labia, neck and uvula.
The length of the soft palate was evaluated by measuring the linear distance from the posterior nasal spine (PNS) to the tip of the uvula of the resting soft palate.
Las variables investigadas fueron los sitios anatomicos susceptibles de obstruccion de la via aerea superior, que incluyeron el tabique nasal y los cornetes nasales para cada fosa nasal, la nasofaringe, la uvula, las amigdalas palatinas y linguales, la epiglotis, las bandas ventriculares, los pliegues vocales y los senos piriformes.
She had periorbital edema, malar rash, and oral lesion on hard palate with normal tongue and uvula.
Deviation of the uvula to the left and paralysis of the right soft palate was consistent with pharyngeal hyporeflexia and the constellation of symptoms confirmed the diagnosis of RHS.
Even the movement of the uvula while speaking German and Chinese were captured.
Oral exam revealed erythema and fullness in right peritonsillar arch with the uvula deviated to the left.
the soft palate, tonsils, uvula and the base of the tongue, rather than in the oral cavity.
It's a mouthguard that repositions the lower jaw, tongue and uvula (that little flap hanging down from the back of your throat).