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the part of the eye that contains the iris and ciliary body and choroid

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2] Medico Oftalmologo, servicio de uvea, Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara Irigoyen, Lima, Peru.
During his first fieldwork in 1928, Firth mentions that there were only a handful old men who had first-hand geographical knowledge of other islands than Anuta and Vanikoro (1959: 49) but these nonetheless include the impressive range of Gilbert Islands/Kiribati, Uvea, Rotuma, Samoa, Tonga and Fiji, while Firth seems to be disappointed by the Tikopia seemingly not being familiar with Tahiti and Hawaii and only vaguely aware of New Zealand.
However, it has not been able to fully certify that Iran has NOT diverted nuclear material for military purposes, in part because Iran ceased to implement the UVEA Additional Protocol (AP), which strengthens the classic safeguards system with more stringent inspections of declared and undeclared facilities, in 2006.
Malignant melanoma of the uvea is usually treated with episcleral plaque brachytherapy, charged particle radiation therapy or enucleation.
Notes on a collection of shells from Lifu and Uvea, Loyalty Islands, formed by the Rev.
The company added gevokizumab is indicated for the treatment of non-infectious intermediate, posterior, or pan-uveitis, or chronic non-infectious anterior uveitis, the inflammatory diseases that affect the portion of the eye known as the uvea.
1) Pars planitis (also called intermediate uveitis) is an inflammation of the uvea, part of the choroid lining in the eye which contains the blood vessels, that causes white blood cells and other inflammatory exudate to enter the vitreous humor (see Figure 1) and make white blobs (snowballs) build up, which impairs the vision and can lead to cataract, severe inflammatory glaucoma, swelling of the macula, retinal atrophy, and hemorrhage into the vitreous.
Coverage also includes understanding and treating refractive, eye movement, and alignment disorders, and disorders of the cornea, conjunctiva, sclera, iris, pupil, macula, optic nerve, retina, vitreous, and uvea, such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, pink eye, macular degeneration, uveitis, iritis, vitreous detachment, floaters, and glaucoma, and eyeglasses and contact lenses, LASIK and LASEK surgery, photorefractive keratectomy surgery, and phakic intraocular lenses.
They point out that there is evidence of continuous occupation of the relatively close smaller islands of Uvea, Futuna and Niuatoputapu from the Lapita era and that Kirch (1988) demonstrated close relationships in design elements and motifs between Mulifanua (Samoa), Sigatoka (Fiji), Uvea and Niuatoputapu.
Table 2 Braille students distributed according to nosological groups, principal ophthalmic diagnoses, and year of birth (6-year periods) Diagnoses N 60-65 66-71 72-77 78-83 Sequelae to brain disorders Anomaly of the brain 2 1 (unspecified) Brain tumor 8 1 2 Sequelae to brain disorders (unspecified) 13 2 1 4 1 Congenital ocular anomalies Albinism (unspecified) 1 1 Coloboma of uvea 3 Congenital anomaly 2 1 Congenital anophthalmos 9 3 1 1 Congenital cataract (a) 16 5 5 3 Congenital glaucoma 12 3 3 1 1 Congenital maculapathy 1 Congenital nystagmus 1 1 Cong.
El hipotiroidismo puede causar exudados en diversas cavidades corporales, incluyendo peritoneo, pericardio, pleura, oido medio, uvea, articulaciones y escroto.
Sarcoidosis: a diferencia del SG afecta a la poblacion adulta con predileccion por la uvea, la esclerotica, la conjuntiva, la glandula lacrimal, el nervio optico y las leptomeninges.
3 mm SL, Wallis Islands, Ile Uvea, west side on outer reef, north-west of Point Vaha'a'Utu, 13 [degrees] 16'50"S, 176 [degrees] 15'55"W, in spur and groove zone with abundant live coral, 6-12 m depth, rotenone, J.
Segun los registros clinicos del Hospital Veterinario "Diego Villegas Toro" de la Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias de la Universidad de Caldas, el numero de casos con sintomatologia oftalmologica atendidos durante el ano 2010 correspondio a 224 animales entre caninos, felinos y silvestres; distribuyendose la casuistica asi: anexos (aparato lacrimal 82, parpados 40, conjuntiva 28), tunica fibrosa (cornea 24, esclera 3), lente (19), bulbo (13), tunica vascular (camara anterior 9 y uvea 3) y tunica nerviosa (retina 5) siendo que dos casos presentaron afecciones a diferente nivel.