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the part of the eye that contains the iris and ciliary body and choroid

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1) Pars planitis (also called intermediate uveitis) is an inflammation of the uvea, part of the choroid lining in the eye which contains the blood vessels, that causes white blood cells and other inflammatory exudate to enter the vitreous humor (see Figure 1) and make white blobs (snowballs) build up, which impairs the vision and can lead to cataract, severe inflammatory glaucoma, swelling of the macula, retinal atrophy, and hemorrhage into the vitreous.
Coverage also includes understanding and treating refractive, eye movement, and alignment disorders, and disorders of the cornea, conjunctiva, sclera, iris, pupil, macula, optic nerve, retina, vitreous, and uvea, such as cataracts, conjunctivitis, pink eye, macular degeneration, uveitis, iritis, vitreous detachment, floaters, and glaucoma, and eyeglasses and contact lenses, LASIK and LASEK surgery, photorefractive keratectomy surgery, and phakic intraocular lenses.
Table 2 Braille students distributed according to nosological groups, principal ophthalmic diagnoses, and year of birth (6-year periods) Diagnoses N 60-65 66-71 72-77 78-83 Sequelae to brain disorders Anomaly of the brain 2 1 (unspecified) Brain tumor 8 1 2 Sequelae to brain disorders (unspecified) 13 2 1 4 1 Congenital ocular anomalies Albinism (unspecified) 1 1 Coloboma of uvea 3 Congenital anomaly 2 1 Congenital anophthalmos 9 3 1 1 Congenital cataract (a) 16 5 5 3 Congenital glaucoma 12 3 3 1 1 Congenital maculapathy 1 Congenital nystagmus 1 1 Cong.
Intraocular melanoma of the ciliary body and choroid, together called the posterior uvea, is the most common primary ocular malignant tumor in adults.
3 mm SL, Wallis Islands, Ile Uvea, west side on outer reef, north-west of Point Vaha'a'Utu, 13 [degrees] 16'50"S, 176 [degrees] 15'55"W, in spur and groove zone with abundant live coral, 6-12 m depth, rotenone, J.
Uveal melanoma is a relatively rare cancer which includes the pigmented part of the eye and the surrounding areas, called the uvea.
The 116 contributions to the first volume are organized into sections on basic science and pathophysiologic responses, examining and imaging the cornea and external eye, differential diagnosis of selected problems in corneal and external eye disease, the ocular adnexa, the conjunctiva, diseases of the cornea, and the sclera and anterior uvea.
The involved sites were as follows: skin (26 patients), peripheral lymph nodes (19 patients), liver and erythema nodosum (8 patients each), parotid gland (5 patients), spleen (4 patients), bone cysts (3 patients), lacrimal gland, uvea, orbita, optic nerve, arthritis (2 patients each), muscle and bone marrow (1 patient each).
Groups from Tuvalu, Uvea, Niue, and Rapa Nui (Easter Island) represented other parts of Polynesia with vigor and variety.
Typically uveitis is classified by anatomic location in the uvea.
Divided into six sections, the book covers every aspect of uveitis, from the anatomy and physiology of the uvea, a refresher on 'basic' immunology, techniques and challenges involved in diagnosis, and the various treatment regimes.
Clinical features and histopathologic changes of lesions occurring in the eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, lens, uvea, retina, and orbital tissue are described, with illustrations of normal histology, special stains, and immunohistochemical findings.
Prevalence of primary acquired melanosis and nevi of the conjunctiva and uvea in the dysplastic nevus syndrome: a case-control study.
Although we could not determine the anatomical site of vision loss in a small minority, we observed distinct patterns between the two cohorts: The globe, the lens, and the retina were more common primary anatomical sites of vision loss in the younger cohort, while diseases of the optic nerve and uvea were more common in the older cohort.
Empires maritimes prehistoriques dans le Pacifique: Ga'asialili et la mise en place d'une colonie tongienne a Uvea (Wallis, Polynesie occidentale).