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Synonyms for utterness

the quality of being complete or utter or extreme

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That "covers the Abyss with Trance," paradoxically (and Dickinson loves paradox), is only further testimony of the utterness of the pain, its power.
Although Vail was less than wildly enthusiastic about a reporter eavesdropping and recording the hithers and yons of "His Utterness," he was but a grousing employee of Colonel Morse in England, who was himself merely the American tour booking agent of the fabulously successful London impresario, Richard D'Oyly Carte.
Despairing, then, of describing [her] emotional pain or expressing its utterness to those around her, the depressed person instead described circumstances, both past and ongoing, which were somehow related to the pain, to its etiology and cause, hoping at least to be able to express to others something of the pain's context, its--as it were--shape and texture.
Integrity suggests not just specific virtues such as honesty, but the degree of commitment to which virtuous behaviors must conform: utterness of commitment, strictness, uncompromising, uncorrupted, and perfection.
In its utterness, it gathers to itself all authority, all true Being, reducing otherness to mere reflection.