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Synonyms for utter

Synonyms for utter

Synonyms for utter

put into circulation



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The lawyer was also charged with another count of handling stolen property and uttering false documents and it was also alleged that she uttered a forged document to the Salad Boru the Makueni IEBC Returning officer.
And uttering this phrase has long been the Jewish people's way of keeping in mind both an ethereal ideal and a common national yearning.
Anthony Allen was charged in Worcester District Court with 23 counts of conspiracy to violate drug laws, two counts each of uttering false prescriptions and obtaining a drug by fraud and one count of making a false health care claim.
A SOCCER fan died of excitement after watching his team beat their arch-rivals - uttering the score with his final breath.
Uttering the Word: The Mystical Performance of Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi, a Renaissance Visionary.
His murder was a rupture in the world of the spirit, the demons rushing desperately to name their position in the African heart, where the angels fought to defend God's voice uttering His own holy name, Allah.
And the soft voice of a child uttering things beyond my ken: "And dwelled among us.
For at least three weeks in a row, This Week With David Brinkley managed to go on the air without anyone uttering the words "France" or "strike" once.
In fact, I could not remember uttering to Argosino those words,' the justice secretary said.
As a result of the search, Thomas Flanagan, 48, was arrested on a warrant Sunday and charged with distribution of a class C drug, possession of class B, C, and E drugs, uttering a false prescription, uttering of a false prescription, subsequent offense, and forgery of a document.
ISLAMABAD, May 24, 2010 (Frontier Star): PML-N Quaid, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has summoned Makhdoom Javed Hashmi for uttering statements regarding the leadership in a party meeting to be held on Tuesday (Today) in Murree.
With trembling jowls, a rich spray of spittle, and other hallmarks of righteous Republican rage, Newt went after the wily Chung for allowing such a low word to be uttered in the presence of his or any mother, never mind that she had done the uttering herself.
Flanagan is charged with outstanding warrants for distributing and possession of Class B, C, and E drugs (pills) uttering a false prescription; uttering a false prescription, subsequent offense; and forgery of a document.