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Synonyms for utter

Synonyms for utter

Synonyms for utter

put into circulation



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Philosopher Stephen Neale's explication of Grice underscores the centrality of intention to his conception of sentence meaning: "[S]entence meaning (more broadly, utterance-type meaning) can be analysed (roughly) in terms of regularities over the intentions with which utterers produce those sentences on given occasions," Stephen Neale, Paul Grice and the Philosophy of Language, 15 LINGUISTICS & PHIL.
see also Cheung, supra note 13, at 200 (concluding that, according to Diamond and Conant, "the Tractatus is not trying to help anyone see any unsayable insights," but that "the aim of the Tractatus is merely to liberate nonsense utterers from nonsense, and that this is to be achieved by the non-frame sentences serving as elucidations").
Discourse is the material content of utterances exchanged in social contexts that are imbued with meaning by the intention of utterers and treated as meaningful by other participants.
One does not have to subscribe to post-modernism to state that words do not have meanings that are independent of their utterers.
Yet even here the eye searching for easy access is drawn naturally to openings between plants, openings that would be beginning of paths and obvious passages if other than seers, hearers and utterers had heard the voices of their soul calling them this way.
Words as such are as vulgar as their utterers, and they invalidate the title of 'tribal leaders' that they ascribe to themselves.
The particular achievement of culturalism, then, was to have created the conditions for accepting various Biblical testimonies as true because cultural, because they had once felt true to their utterers, and for claiming we could understand them by understanding our forebears.
92) I think it is safe to say that for most Americans (landlords, perhaps, in particular), such utterances are comic and do not conduce to giving the utterers serious political influence.
I despised that gossip, not for any virtuous reason, but for the craven adulation it bespoke, and those servile whispers raised my disgust not so much against their utterers, as against their subject.
to what extent the utterers shaped their contributions in light of strategic concerns in decidedly political ratification contests.
Montague Lavy contends that those sounds whose acoustic profiles were produced by utterers in a given emotive state are also perceived as portraying that state.