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Synonyms for utterance

Synonyms for utterance

the act or an instance of expressing in words

the use of the speech organs to produce sounds

the faculty, act, or product of speaking

something said

Synonyms for utterance

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As for study [24], the motivation for this study is also to introduce an additional step between recognition and LSA based Call Routing in order to differentially reassign the importance of each term of each utterance. This is done by means of the Construction-Integration model [3,2] (henceforth, C-I).
The supervectors are a mapping between an utterance and a high dimensional vector.
Coming against the back of the 2017 election fiasco, we need to broadly situate and interrogate this utterance that was rendered in Kikuyu language.
Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday directed Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda to exercise caution" in the choice of words and their utterance.According to media reports, the prime minister issued the directives during a meeting of the federal cabinet, reports said, which lasted for more than three hours.
Hence the judge parameter is not an element of the context of utterance in Lasersohn's theory, as this would make the content of an utterance dependent on a judge, rather than the truth-value that the proposition has.
This is generated by the speaker-hearer interaction that indisputably discloses the speaker's attitude to the message, in other words, imparts the modal meaning of the utterance. A communicative intention represents "what the speaker is committed to, or taken to be committed to, in interaction" (Haugh 2013: 41).
Conversational sentences within the selected texts were extracted and attributes of the speaker (name, gender, occupation) and listener (name), relationship between the speaker and listener, and situations (e.g., family, office, criminal investigation) were manually added to each utterance. A total of 5632 utterances from 100 Japanese novel texts were tagged.
Thus, the task-oriented dialog systems carry out several tasks such as identifying the user intention from a user utterance, tracking a dialog flow, and planning a dialog strategy to fulfill the requirements.
The Mean Length of Utterance in words (MLU-w) is a measure of expressive language development in children frequently used in clinical practice (23), calculated through dividing the number of words produced by a child by the total of intelligible utterances (24).
In order to provide a theoretical basis for the study of the production of children's texts, we will discuss the notion of utterance, as elaborated in the writings of Mikhail Bakhtin.
Unlike the lab process of noisy utterance collection described in the first study, this synthetic means of noisy utterance collection is much more powerful and can be applied to thousands of utterances once the initial background noise and CIRs are collected.
Turning to Bakhtin, I establish the theoretical foundation for this pedagogy by arguing that his utterance and grotesque body are germane, linked phenomena.
The working hypothesis of the study was as follows: speech recognition (detection of speech in noise and identification of the utterance language) and perception of the semantic content of the utterance in the variable noisy environment are influenced by the type of noise and the signal-to-noise ratio, as well as by some of linguistic and extralinguistic factors.
The reference unit of speech is thereby established as the utterance, defined as the smallest linguistic unit that has both pragmatic autonomy and interpretability in isolation.
The meaning of the reformulated utterance depends not only on the difference between the unchanged and new parts but also on their interaction.