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Synonyms for utterable

capable of being uttered in words or sentences


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The implication--central to the readings of the story which see it as a detective story without a detective--is that the narrator suspects the old man of being driven by a hideous mystery, an utterable secret.
In comparison to direct and instant perception as a source of absolute knowledge, inference is understood as the source of only indirect conventional knowledge, because inference is bound within the realm of the utterable and functions through the categories of names (Yum, 1987).
Their power is found in the breaking through of the classificatory opposition, which has been socially imposed in the dominant symbolic order 'between the sphere of what is politically utterable and everything that remains beyond discussion' (1991: 132).
12) Here it is evident that for Bloch, the power of music as a utopian form rests in its nonverbal, nonrepresentational, abstract character and its consequent capacity to transcend the utterable.
In this position of self-reflexivity, the possibilities foredosed by racialization become possible once again, if not utterable.
It is known by a plethora of names, the more common and utterable ones being buah (fruit), igi' (seed) and leka (round object).
Caspar is free to make this claim because the restriction of what not to discuss--the fix, the sexuality of Bernie, Mink, and the Dane--is so pervasive that his claim, in conjunction with the attendant taboo, can delineate precisely what is utterable and what is not.