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someone who puts to good use


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Common characteristics of high utilizers * of psychiatric services
Patients who made four or more telephone contacts during the 2 months were considered to be high utilizers.
A $10 million investment in PSH could house about 660 of those unstably housed consumers with serious mental illness who are high utilizers of CSB and state hospital services.
By identifying the socioeconomic characteristics of high utilizers, many providers hope to reach out to vulnerable populations before they need emergency medical treatment.
Five clinical management practices were found to distinguish low state hospital bed utilizers from high utilizers.
The mitochondria, the main intracellular utilizers of oxygen, are considered as oxygen-sensing organelles.
Especially given the fact that tomorrow's high utilizers are likely to be very different individuals than are today's?
One of those is identifying candidates within a population who will soon or someday be high-risk utilizers of health services and, hence, tomorrow's high-dollar patients.
High utilizers (6 or more calls per year) represented 0.
Most notably are physical therapists, the primary utilizers of SEMG technology in their clinical practice.
For example, physician executives, charged with overseeing large networks, will have less tolerance for physicians who are excessive utilizers when high volumes of procedures are no longer justifiable based on the severity index of the population.
But the Pareto approach suggests some alternatives: If American business is to significantly reduce its costs, it must address the 10 percent of high utilizers and move to change marketwide consumption patterns.
WASHINGTON -- The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) hosted a Capitol Hill briefing today that focused on innovative programs that are working to improve solvency in the Medicaid program by focusing on the program's high-cost utilizers.
Digiroad Information Information Service mission is to produce regular data deliveries utilizers of data.
Learn more about stratifying high-risk, high-cost patients and super utilizers at http://store.