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Out of school youth have been urged to utilise government programmes aimed at reducing unemployment and poverty.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) has failed to utilise funds allocated for Human Rights Defenders Network (HRDN) in Public Sector Development Programme (PDSP) 2015-16.
Selon Carla del Ponte, membre de la Commission d'enquete de l'ONU sur les violations des droits de l'Homme en Syrie, les rebellesont utilise des armes chimiques.
'There are a total 200 small and large schemes in the education department which the government has failed to utilise funds for,' the progress report, available with The Express Tribune, read.
Almost a new precedent has been set that a provincial government has not been able to utilise the funds that have been allocated to it, as commonly provincial and local governments complain and blame the higher governmental authorities for not releasing sufficient funds to carry out development projects.