uterine tube

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either of a pair of tubes conducting the egg from the ovary to the uterus

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9-12] Peritubal adherences in the pelvic cavity also occur after such interventions as oophorectomy, salpingectomy, reconstructive surgeries on uterine tubes, an excision of endometriosis heterotopias.
Their appearance is similar to the epithelium of the uterine tube and, as such, they may imitate carcinoma metastases (Fig.
The researchers took somatic cells from the uterine tube of an adult cow and cultivated them in a culture with a low concentration of nutrients, so that they stopped dividing and became, like fertilized eggs, able to differentiate into body parts.
Significance of proliferative epithelial lesios of the uterine tube.
Using similar techniques, the Ishikawa Prefectural Livestock Research Center and a Kinki University research group produced twin calves using nuclei taken from the uterine tube of an adult cow.