uterine cavity

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the space inside the uterus between the cervical canal and the Fallopian tubes

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In this procedure, the uterus is transected in the anteroposterior plane--midline until the uterine cavity is entered.
2 GHz) microwaves is inserted into the uterine cavity.
5ml of the solution is injected into the uterine cavity through a trans-cervical (8F) Foley's catheter.
The endometrium overlying the septum may be different from the neighboring endometrium within the uterine cavity, it is believed, although this relationship is not yet directly correlated with primary infertility
2 : Trans-vaginal Ultrasound scan showing--Heterotopic Pregnancy--Gestational sac with yolk sac and fetal node in the uterine cavity another gestational sac with yolk sac and fetal node in the cervix below the internal os.
Evaluation of the uterine cavity with sonohysterography (SH)--vaginal ultrasound with the instillation of saline into the uterine cavity--is more accurate than TVUS alone.
When I began to perform laparoscopic myomectomy in earnest more than 20 years ago, closure of the uterine cavity was performed with Ethicon Inc.
Another evaluated the appearance of the uterine cavity one year following the NovaSure procedure and a third reported on the performance of NovaSure in patients with Type I and Type II fibroids.
They range from uterine and vaginal agenesis to duplication of the uterus and vagina to minor uterine cavity abnormalities.
A set of polymer products for the in vitro fertilization of the human ovum and embryo transfer into the uterine cavity, sterile (:: as required by the documentation), catheter for intrauterine embryo transfer ("complex transfer") (:: as required by the documentation), two-lumen aspiration needle for transvaginal oocyte aspiration (:: as per documentation requirements), two-lumen aspiration needle for transvaginal oocyte aspiration (:: as per documentation requirements)
1) It involves adhesions in the endometrium leading to varying degrees of uterine cavity obliteration as a result of trauma, especially to pregnant uterus (after curettage in puerperium or after missed abortion) or secondary to genital tuberculosis.
And immediately following the procedure, I can show my patients what I have just seen in the uterine cavity.
Sixty four slice MDCT acquired the scan during pre-ovulatory phase by contrast instillation into uterine cavity.
4 Our patient was somewhat lucky to have had three pregnancies on the dominating uterine cavity, thereby avoiding the potential hazards associated with pregnancies on the non-dominating cavity.