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large (20-ft) and swift carnivorous dinosaur having an upright slashing claw 15 inches long on each hind foot

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It's possible that while the scientists are doing their work on this sandstone block that they will find more than just Utahraptors. According to Madsen, there might be other predators in there that fell into the same quicksand trap as their companions, seeing "what they thought was a good free meal" stuck in muck and getting mired themselves while going in for the kill.
According to (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IZkA5tj7B8) Jim Kirkland , the state paleontologist at the Utah Geological Survey and one of the first to discover and describe the Utahraptor, it will take years "to extract the fossils and the data from this massive block." With the smallest bones, from the baby Utahraptors, for example, the work is akin to "preparing eggshells out of concrete - think of that."
Scott Madsen, who specializes in this sort of fossil preparation, told International Business Times that the Utahraptor dinosaurs trapped in the sandstone range from adults the size of a full-grown human to babies that are roughly the size of a chicken.
Smaller dinosaurs like the baby Utahraptors are created by a 40lb "suit" worn by puppeteers like Jonathan MacMillan, 23.
Brachiosaurus dwarfs a crew member Code: jr250609dinosaur-9 Utahraptor on the set of Walking with Dinosaurs Resident director Alli Coyne with a Utahraptor on the set of the show Code: jr250609dinosaurs-1