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greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation

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Lopez claims the P3 program can effectively dismantle the P30-billion market of usurious lenders by allowing MSMEs to borrow up to P300,000 with low interest rates.
I believe that if interest were not usurious, more people would be enticed to borrow especially if banks actually got their act together to simplify the process while making sure of the financial capability of their borrowers to pay back.
In the case that there is any usurious interest, the contract will be invalid, void and Haram.
The industry's usurious rates and complicated repayment schemes represent little more than scam finance.
GM has agreed to set its interest rate for additional loans at 3.48 percent, compared with 4.8 percent to 5.3 percent on the existing lending, virtually acknowledging its usurious practice so far.
Congress was, by implication, indicted as the cause for usurious drug prices; they are the enabler.
If our Congress really wanted to help the middle class, then they should pass legislation to reign in the usurious interest rates charged by credit card issuers.
On a recent holiday to my 'playground of the stars' in the Balearics, I vowed to avoid news sites to prevent being driven suicidal by the economic and political armageddon abounding, and also to prevent a usurious internet bill on my return.
Midland Funding, LLC, (1) that many in the banking industry believe has challenged a longstanding and fundamental principle of American bank usury law, namely, the principle of "valid-when-made." This principle says, in simple terms, that a loan or contract with a non-usurious interest rate when it is made cannot become usurious if the loan or contract subsequently is transferred to another person, even if the interest rate would have been usurious if the transferee originated the loan.
Several legislators refused to approve the loan unless a legal opinion from the Sudan Religious Scholar Council (SRSC) underscoring that the loan doesn't include usurious interest was obtained.
"Imposing fees on loans granted to beneficiaries of the ADF is considered usurious," the fatwa committee said.
Miami, FL, March 23, 2016 --( is quickly becoming the popular alternative to traditional vacation rental sites that charge usurious fees.
Questioning (13) LAST WEEK'S SOLUTION: Across - 1 Vicinity; 5 Space bar; 10 Rankness; 11 Usurious; 12 Silvered; Lens hood; 15 Royal; 16 Midway; 18 Galena; 19 Launch pad; 22 Poorly off; 26 Hoodoo; 27 Elated; 28 Ideal; 30 Rag trade; 31 Listener; 32 Viridian; Catacomb; 34 Relieved; 35 Resettle.
Concerning a proposal to cancel a usurious increase on loans granted by the General Organisation for Social Insurance, he said the organisation had signed an agreement with an Islamic bank which would go into effect soon after finalising all procedures.