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someone who lends money at excessive rates of interest

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The two usurers took a mental inventory of des Lupeaulx's study while he read with amazement and stupefaction a deed of purchase which seemed wafted to him from the clouds by angels.
Once in the street, the two usurers looked at each other under a street lamp and laughed.
At the same instant Mitral, waiting at the Cafe Themis, saw the two usurers returning, but was unable to perceive the slightest indications of the result on their impassible faces.
For the usurer being at certainties, and others at uncertainties, at the end of the game, most of the money will be in the box; and ever a state flourisheth, when wealth is more equally spread.
On the other side, the commodities of usury are, first, that howsoever usury in some respect hindereth merchandizing, yet in some other it advanceth it; for it is certain that the greatest part of trade is driven by young merchants, upon borrowing at interest; so as if the usurer either call in, or keep back, his money, there will ensue, presently, a great stand of trade.
Not a muscle had stirred in the usurer's face during this reprimand; there was no flush on his forehead, and no sign of emotion in his little eyes.
"Well, now," remarked Benassis, when the usurer had gone, "if that fellow were in Paris, do you not think that he would be a millionaire before very long?"
'It had a small nobility of peasants, usurers, mercantilists and a huge mass of beggars, vagabonds, bandits and slaves.
The Jews of Venice contributed to the economy not as usurers but as merchants.
Among the many tricks quoted by Hardiman of ways the baniyas, the usurers, would strive to stop rain to keep the fields parched is the one from Rajasthan.
And so our rice farmers do not only lose their livelihood but also their investments, most of which is borrowed money from usurers.
His preaching has encouraged usurers, blasphemers, and other hardened sinners everywhere to embrace a Christlike life.
"This should also apply to home and business loans because banks are working as usurers now," Ibraimovski said.
BADIN -- Matli Ittehad held protest demonstration in front of Matli press club against increasing illegal business of usurers. The protest led by Mohammad Rafique Memon, Ali Chohan, Munawar Samoon, Ayaz Sheikh, Mohammad Ali Khaskheli and others.