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someone who holds property by usufruct

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usufructuary water rights so long as intensity of use did not deplete
(45) The Community Land Act, in particular, allows a group of people to own land communally, in much the same way as the usufructuary property system before colonialization, but with the added protection of legal title.
More specifically, the judge ruled that Northrup failed to show that he had usufructuary rights in the ceded territory because he is enrolled as a member of the Fond du Lac Band, which was not a signatory to the 1855 treaty.
As a usufructuary, MSBFI is entitled to, among others:
Chief Justice Conteh said that the land rights are of a usufructuary nature and include the right to occupy the land, farm, hunt, and fish thereon and to take for their own use and benefit the fruits and resources thereof (ibid., para.
Article 1333 of the Civil Code defines a Usufruct right as "a property right in favour of the usufructuary to use property of another and to exploit it provided that it remains in its original condition." The Usufruct right gives the usufructuary the right to use the property without the right to build.
The law speaks of usufructuary rights rather than ownership, and much of water law involves tension between private use rights and public ownership, management, and protection.
and sets out the developer's obligations and usufructuary's rights.
This new model will lead the owner and usufructuary to play the relevant role as guardian of nature, logically depending on this model of widespread environmental awareness.
New types of usufructuary and similar property rights for Indigenous peoples have been created by legislative intervention.
Water law is useful as a point of comparison because although a water right is a usufructuary interest, the rationales underlying the law of appropriation are akin to those considerations underpinning patent rights.
This requires us to respect a kind of ownership that animals can have over their habitats; not full-scale individual property rights, which would entail the right to sell for example, but shared usufructuary rights amounting to territorial rights the animals have over habitats they need.
The riparian owners up and down the stream have equal usufructuary rights.