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a legal right to use and derive profit from property belonging to someone else provided that the property itself is not injured in any way

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He stressed Hungarian farmers must be land owners, fake contracts must be persecuted, and rules seeking to deceive farmers, including the usufruct arrangement, must be eliminated.
for a usufruct contract for the use of a piece of land near the San Fernando North Exit.
The EBSC had signed an usufruct agreement with Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate for 80 feddans of land designated for establishing a black sand separation plant.
READ: Oman official inks usufruct contracts for Dhofar retail projects
Khamis bin Saif al-Abdul Salam, director general of the Directorate General of Housing in the Governorate of Al Buraimi, signed the usufruct contract in the presence of Hamad bin Juma al-Rasbi, assistant director general and Said bin Ali al-Muqbali, director of Usufruct Department, added the report.
These include usufruct arrangement, which permits free use of land for a certain period to enable site development and house construction.
Following intense negotiations between the ministry and Luxor governorate, the required land will be allocated on a usufruct system for 25 years, according to a report by Daily News Egypt.
Usufruct rights were also afforded to both natural and legal GCC persons under the 2002 Law for purposes of LEA.
He added that the real estate activity involved 25,935 transactions, including sale, grant, inheritance, exchange, mortgage and mortgage redemption, usufruct and division transactions.
Muscat, June 27 (BNA): The Special Economic Zone Authority in Duqm (SEZAD) granted Al-Khonji Real Estate & Development LLC "AQAR" the usufruct right to construct a touristic project that includes hotels, residential and commercial complexes, and a recreational park.
Drawing on a number of Islamic legal scholars both modern and historical, he considers such aspects as matrimonial institutions abolished by Islam, disputed marriage types that are still practiced today, usufruct marriage among Twelver Shi'ites, and travel marriage in Islamic jurisprudence and social tradition among Sunnis.
RAQABA issued the first Shari'ah audit report in the United States after a professional work continued for several months in an examination of the structures and procedures for LARIBA's home financing model "Declining Participation in the Usufruct (DPU)".
7 % has been granted in usufruct, and the rest is state-owned or belongs to cooperatives.
Nexity said it aims to combine its capabilities with those of PERL, whose flagship product is usufruct of rental units on behalf of social housing operators, to develop solutions to boost PERL's production in the market for usufruct of rental units on behalf of social and intermediate housing operators.
Similarly but not equally, substantial growth can be seen in West Bay and usufruct areas as well.