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a legal right to use and derive profit from property belonging to someone else provided that the property itself is not injured in any way

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Al-Sabaa further indicated that most car companies have expressed their opposition to the 20 year period usufruct system and that the time span is very short for investors.
The usufruct of these lands will be in exchange of a remuneration specified by Sezad's board of directors after obtaining the approval from Oman's Ministry of Finance, in order for the project to commence or expand its operations; or to build residential buildings for the project's employees, local daily Times of Oman reported.
There are other investments carried out by local and foreign companies with which SEZAD signed usufruct and development agreements during the current and prior years in the educational, health, commercial, industrial, logistics and other sectors".
7 % has been granted in usufruct, and the rest is state-owned or belongs to cooperatives.
In its simplest form sukuk represents ownership of an asset or its usufruct.
2 billion, with transactions comprising all sales operations, such as selling usufruct, registering deferred sales and registering land addition by sale.
The project aims at regulating the real estate survey works and alleviating the burden on citizens as a result of the imposed added fees on cases of the sale of the property or selling the usufruct.
Gaining access to land to prospect for minerals in Poland is a two-step process: first, a company must obtain an usufruct, which is an exclusive right to capture the water under the property as long as the property is not damaged; second, a company must obtain a concession, or an official decision approving a geological work program.
Usufruct allows people to enjoy property belonging to another without destroying it.
The chairman of the Sinai Development Agency, major general Mohamed Shawqy Rashwan, said the Egyptian investment would help to possess land, while adding joint investment would be able to garner land under the usufruct system.
Islamic law on peasant usufruct in Ottoman Syria; 17th to early 19th century.
because it does not actually own any of its property assets, having been granted a usufruct right and concession by the overseeing Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority due to
The agreement signed by the consortium and its associates includes power purchase pact with OPWP, connection deal with Oman Electricity Transmission Company, project founders agreement with the Electricity Holding Company, natural gas sales agreement with the Ministry of Oil & Gas and usufruct agreement with the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates.
2 million hectares have already been turned over in usufruct, with another 700,000 hectares to be offered.
Bin Talal has agreed on the new terms made by the Egyptian Government, selling 10,000 feddans and another 15,000 feddans in usufruct," Mohamed Gamal Eddin, a legal advisor to the Kingdom Agricultural Development Company (KADCO).