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commonness by virtue of not being unusual

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Here binge-drinking is constructed with some ordinariness by the use of a consensual warrant wrapped in an extreme case formulation ("all of us have been there") implying normality and usualness. In other words, it is constructed by speaking on behalf of the wider community and presenting it in a format that includes the extreme case of all people as having the experience of binge-drinking.
Referring to Walter Benjamin's writings on Brecht, he explained that this attitude is especially important because theatre "disrupts usualness".
When discussing the usualness of diabetes, the farmworkers shared that a large number of family members and friends had been diagnosed with this chronic disease.
In 1974, in an essay reproduced in the ICP catalogue, Davenport wrote, "I remember thinking that here was a photographer who might illustrate the ghost stories of Henry, James, a photographer who got many of his best effects by introducing exactly the right touch of the unusual into an authentically banal American usualness."
These range from the simple (alphabetically by title or sorted by date) to complex relevance ranking schemes; for example, Infoseek (Go) ranks by relevance, using the location of the search terms in the document, the number of occurrences of the term/s in the document, and the "usualness" of the words (uncommon terms are ranked higher) as a basis.