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an act that exploits or victimizes someone (treats them unfairly)

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DNA was purified by using the MonoFas DNA isolation system (GL Science, Tokyo, Japan), and a blunt EcoRI-NotI-BamHI adaptor (10 pmol; Takara Bio Inc.) was ligated at 16[degrees]C for 30 min by using DNA Ligation Kit, Mighty Mix (Takara Bio Inc.).
Selective laser sintering (SLS) machines are capable of using a variety of materials, so they can be useful in a variety of metalcasting facilities.
Pixie, a Caucasian female who enjoys surfing and skateboarding, is adamant about not learning well in school using books, yet ironically she recently one a national poetry contest.
Images were captured using an Olympus fluorescent dissecting microscope equipped with an Olympus video camera DP50 (Olympus, Rungis, France).
This value corresponds to < 0.089 mg/L using the reported density of the transformer oil [1].
Digital signatures typically range from 128 bits using the MD5 algorithm to 160 bits in size using the more secure SHA1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1).
In addition to using LMW and HCD coagulants on highly charged brokes, this technology has come to be used in other situations where there is a high level of negatively charged contaminants.
Testing was done on three different types of equipment using CCD imaging: ConCarb dispersion system, disperGRADER 30x and disperGRADER 100x.
* Overall project savings: There may be considerable project savings by using less virgin aggregate.
Anesthesia was accomplished for both teeth painlessly, using the N-tralig syringe for intraligamentary anesthesia (Miltex) and Septocaine 4% w/epinephrine 1:100,000 (Septodont).
We're not sure of the flail impact when it includes clearing land and using pesticides." Paul is, however, bullish on the use of existing agricultural waste in papermaking, including corn and rice husks.
"With the point-of-sale system and by using video displays of the cars, our biggest auction site [in Chiba] can move 11,000 cars a day," boasts Hattori, calling his system the world's fastest.
"Using a motor car as an analogy, it's the engine that's running in the car," Mandelbaum said.