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Tracy Lawrence, Ragdale Hall Spa digital marketing manager, said: "We are excited to launch a website that perfectly marries those three elements, as well as being extremely user-friendly."
Launched as part of UAE Innovation Month, the app introduces smartphone and tablet owners to the offerings at Sharjah Museums in a clear, user-friendly, intuitive and functional way, reported state news agency Wam.
The App delivers a faster, curated experience for all customers with an enhanced design, user-friendly language and mobile-friendly screen flows.
The ACR 300i offers easy to configure image processing tools as well as preprocessing filters to provide user-friendly configuration and viewer software.
"We feel that our user-friendly approach to the products showcased at ISE 2017 helped attendees to seamlessly embrace high-technology in their workflow.
It comes with a user-friendly comb with a magnifier, which makes it easier to find the lice and comb the hair.
"We have had great feedback from both fans and the club, which is great to hear as we aim to create a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-friendly."
More eye-pleasing web pages and new user-friendly features guarantee enhanced experiences of online navigation.
"I love Matt Smith and David Tennant but it had become very user-friendly.
The series provides a secure, reliable connect and disconnect in a user-friendly, compact footprint.
Segments focus on the arms, thighs, seat, core, and stretching in this user-friendly introduction to barre fitness, complete with a bonus "Boot Camp Tutorial".
Dubai Municipality introduces more user-friendly and stylish trolleys that ease the work of municipal workers.
8 ( ANI ): South Korean mobile company LG is going to launch a new smartphone with its buttons on the rear of the handset in a bid to make user-friendly designs in larger mobiles.
At a conference held in the heart of the city, Go Buzz Me founders were really excited while showcasing the new features to users, which they claim are not only user-friendly but also very efficient.