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Synonyms for user

one who consumes goods and services

Synonyms for user

a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically


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At 131 million Indonesia has the second highest number of Facebook users in Asia.
Apolos Starter: $25 per month single user, $40 per month for unlimited users Aplos Standard: $40 per month single user, $55 per month for unlimited users Apolos Advanced: Starts at $120 per month single user, $200 per month unlimited users 888-274-1316
a) Transitive: The notion of transitivity of trust implies that if a user Alice trusts another user Bob, and Bob trusts Carol, then we can imply that Alice also trusts Carol to some extent.
Continued Hancock, "As more mobile subscribers turn to go2 as a source of information while on-the-go, go2 will continue to offer even broader, more compelling and engaging content and information to mobile phone users. With the most frequent comment from our users being, 'Thank you, go2,' we are extremely excited about our ability to continue to meet the needs of our end users and carrier partners and build a thriving mobile content resource and business."
He teaches in an urban school with Internet connection and wants to use videoconferencing to conduct distance education activities." Once the user identified a case for search task, they rated the relevance of the case to the scenario.
However, this works only as long as a user is connected only to encrypted networks.
Thus, our responses to users' needs are often naturally collaborative, optimizing the expertise of multiple staff members and various types of resources.
In addition, if the important data is recorded onto the downloaded software beforehand, PHISHCUT will display a warning which gives users the option to send or not send their personal information to websites the user has accessed which contain no digital watermark.
Leitz was formerly CTO at a Fortune 150 company where his group managed a Citrix implementation with 18,000+ named users (4,500 concurrent users), 300+ published (i.e., virtualized) applications, and more than 170 servers.
At the top of the screen, Contact, FAQ, Help, and New User hotlinks provide users with online support.
[3] What most surprised us is that Wikipedia had to restrict fewer than 300 articles out of the 1.2 million in English--and most of these had only the mild restriction of limiting editing to users who had registered at least four days prior, and even that is often temporary.
Furthermore, Ubit is one of just two or three companies globally that has perfected the dynamic multi-platform presentation of user file downloads both in Japan and overseas.
"The new Spyware Defense application scans and removes more than 1,000 different spyware programs from the user's computer in real-time.
Other organizations attempt to remove as much records management decision-making as possible from the end user. Insofar as possible, these organizations cause their information systems to make records management decisions in the background, transparent to users, on the basis of workflow analysis and a set of pre-defined rules.