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We shall have to recur to the general subject of rudimentary and aborted organs; and I will here only add that their variability seems to be owing to their uselessness, and therefore to natural selection having no power to check deviations in their structure.
Say to him, that, in deeming the best votaries of philosophy to be useless to the rest of the world, he is right; but also tell him to attribute their uselessness to the fault of those who will not use them, and not to themselves.
He talked and looked at her laughing eyes, which frightened him now with their impenetrable look, and, as he talked, he felt all the uselessness and idleness of his words.
The very openness of your life here makes interference with you more difficult, and as to warning letters - well, you have proved the uselessness of them.
But as Middleton recovered from his exhaustion he was fain to appease the boisterous temper of his associate, by admonishing him of the uselessness of such denunciations, and of the possibility of their hastening the very evil he deprecated, by irritating the resentments of a race, who were sufficiently fierce and lawless, even in their most pacific moods.
In addition to the grim realities of living in a war-torn region, Syrian adolescents are severely limited in their activities by parental restrictions and security concerns, which fosters feelings of isolation and uselessness.
While Corrie stalwart Charlie Lawson ( Jim McDonald) and his chums effortlessly piled on the points, so they did, Team Price put on a dazzling display of uselessness.
Use ready-made icing and have lots of decorations you can stick on to divert attention from your uselessness.
Use ready-made icing and have lots of decorations you can stick on to divert people's attention from your uselessness.
As far as I can see its major tactic is to undermine the only major UK political party whhich is offering this option by complaining about so-called inaction or the uselessness of the their local MPs.
I was only 57, my husband was due to retire, and I could see years ahead of uselessness.
But it's all under control because our favourite body of uselessness, Public Health England, has warned doctors to "look out for the symptoms".
We need to get it across to the Football Association that their current uselessness and fatalism is intolerable and politically damaging to this country"- London Mayor Boris Johnson.
We need to stop treating vast sections of our population as though mobility, low commitment and uselessness automatically kick in at a certain age.
As well as the graphite pencil illustration (an unusual illustration medium these days), what marks this picture book from some others of similar theme is the complete uselessness and folly of Mr Qwerty's inventions.