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Synonyms for use

Synonyms for use

to control or direct the functioning of

to take advantage of unfairly

use up: to lessen or weaken severely, as by removing something essential

the condition of being put to use

a quantity consumed

the quality of being suitable or adaptable to an end

Synonyms for use

what something is used for

a particular service

Related Words

(economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing

(psychology) an automatic pattern of behavior in reaction to a specific situation

exerting shrewd or devious influence especially for one's own advantage


Related Words

(law) the exercise of the legal right to enjoy the benefits of owning property

take or consume (regularly or habitually)

seek or achieve an end by using to one's advantage

avail oneself to

habitually do something (use only in the past tense)

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Given the reductions in risk achieved across broad categories of the virus, the researchers assert that even though the HPV vaccine is known to be effective against the four types of the virus that put women at highest risk for cervical cancer, "consistent condom use by their partners may protect women against infection with other high-risk types of HPV.
The machines offer low material costs, though, and some of that one-time cost can be made up through repeated use, said Paul Miller, 3-D Systems Corp.
Not surprisingly, these students use the Internet at home for primarily social purposes.
can be reused, thus contributing to efficient use and saving of resources.
With the use of vulnerable IP storage networks in full swing by 2000, a new threat to data loss appeared called intrusion and it became the next big data exposure issue for the IT industry to address.
For example, the use of uncooked spray starch in the wet end in between plies in multiply grades has been found to increase ply bond strength.
If we can use an otherwise useless material to do that, we will be contributing to their well-being.
It can use either cured or uncured rubber, with only a slight difference in sample preparation.
Some of the best aggregates used for highway, bridge and building construction are already in use in our highways and bridges, effective recycling is a means to re-use these materials.
Preparation was accomplished by using a GW 2 and Piranha single patient use burs (SS White).
industry, asserts the San Francisco-based Fiber Futures, which lobbies for expanded use of agricultural residues and other tree-free materials for paper.
WebSphere also allows Allstate to use third-party adapters to integrate with specific applications.
Even before September 11 the use of company-owned aircraft for employee travel had become common as businesses needed to be mobile to be successful.
If organizations that use microfilm for the preservation of information with permanent value will require their in-house filming group and/or service bureau to use the correct (polyester-based) film stock, to follow prescribed filming procedures, and to make tests that confirm that the amount of thiosulfate remaining in the processed film does not exceed the amount specified in the standard, then and only then can they be assured that their film-based images will be retrievable for at least 500 years.