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Synonyms for usance

Synonyms for usance

the period of time permitted by commercial usage for the payment of a bill of exchange (especially a foreign bill of exchange)

(economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing

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I would be friends with you, and have your love, Forget the shames that you have stained me with, Supply your present wants, and take no doit Of usance for my moneys; and you'll not hear me.
This is not to say that usance cannot be rationalized in the modern sense, but it did not begin life that way.
As for the latter, between 1945 and 2000, the access to decision-makers was ensured by the usance that the Ministry of Social Affairs was held by representatives of the trade union federation.
Main collateral: term claim and stocks of goods - Additional collateral: Debtors fixed assets Investment Credits - Maximum term the same as the contract - Credit characteristics : Credit limit declining with payment of installments - Debtors financing - Main collateral : capital goods - Additional collateral : fixed assets and term claim Mining Import - Types of L/C : Sight L/C and Facility Usance L/C - Credit characteristics: transaction - Debtors self financing cheaper than General import facility.
29) The story of Jacob and Laban works both as an assertion of Shylock's Jewish identity, and as a justification for his attitude toward the taking of interest; this second point of difference from Antonio has already been stressed in Shylock's complaint that he "lends out money gratis and brings down / The rate of usance here with us in Venice" (41-42).
I hate him for he is a Christian; But more than that in low simplicity He lends out money gratis and brings down The rate of usance here with us in Venice.
In the same satirical spirit that rejects the construction of walls enclosing the Abbey, readers are reminded that: "en certains convents de ce monde est en usance que, si femme aulcune y entre (j'entends des preudes et pudiques), on nettoye la place par laquelle elles ont passe" (Gargantua, 28I)] [7] [In certain convents in this world it is the custom that if any woman enters (I mean modest and shamefast ones), they cleanse the place through which they have passed.
The busy and sagacious bees fixed their republic in the clefts of the rocks and hollows of the trees, offering without usance [interest] the plenteous produce of their fragrant toil to every hand.
Whether you need information or assistance on matters such as customer experience, the usance of payment conditions as well as instruments, country risks, etc.
Shakespeare, in The Merchant of Venice, unwittingly anticipated the rhetoric of rent-seeking when he explained Shylock's antipathy toward Antonio: "I hate him for he is a Christian; But more for that in low simplicity, he lends out money gratis and brings down the rate of usance here with us in Venice" (act 1, scene 3).
He added that a two-year usance contract has been signed with a domestic company for the construction of power plant.