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(anatomy) a dividing partition between two tissues or cavities

a partition or wall especially in an ovary

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Constellation of these findings suggested urorectal septum malformation.
The urorectal septum divides the cloaca into the rectum and anal canal dorsally, and the bladder and lower urogenital tracts ventrally.
The estimated incidence is around 1 in 15000 live births.1 It occurs as a result of failure of the descent of the urorectal septum and the persistence of the cloacal membrane during the development of the tail end of embryo in sixth week of gestation.
Rupture of this unduly damage cloacal membrane before the descent of urorectal septum results in extra cloaca being exposed to exterior.
Rica and colleagues (6) stated that asymmetry in the closure of the urorectal septum results in an urethraperineal fistula.